Keep Off the Dust From Food to Maintain Healthy Teeth

We maintain several good habits like brushing the teeth twice and so on to maintain healthy teeth. The researchers at Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have come up with a strange discovery. They studied the feces of the chimpanzees in the Tai National Park, Ivory coast and observed the fecal particle sizes being large. From the observations, they stated that dust on dry food may affect the teeth and their chewing ability in the chimpanzees. They observed that the dust covered food created changes in the texture of the teeth (causing furrows etc.) on the cheek teeth. The efficiency of chewing was also affected adversely as the process of chewing got slower, leading to larger fecal particles released. The researchers feel that the theory could be true for other mammals as well, including humans. This discovery helped the scientists establish a relationship between the tooth wear and dietary composition. In fact, they believe it also correlates the environmental changes with the above mentioned factors.

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