High-Protein Rice to Combat Dietary Protein Deficiency

Around 750 million people do not get their dietary protein requirement through their daily diet. Several such protein supplements are available in the market. To combat this issue, scientists from Louisiana University have come up with an exclusive idea of cultivating a variety of rice that is protein enriched. The protein enriched rice, first developed in 2017, is now marketed as “Cahokia” rice. It can be eaten plain, as well as processed into specialty food for higher nutrition. Utomo, who led the research team at the university, adds that the researchers developed high-protein rice because of the growing market for products that can offer more nutritional value than major food crops, including rice. In addition to being eaten plain, the high-protein rice can be processed into specialty food for higher nutrition. Many products from rice flour used in baked goods to rice milk, baby foods, cereals, and crackers contain rice. Replacing the rice variety with the protein-enriched one could benefit people around the world. The researchers are now exploring new methods of cooking as the interest in gluten-free baked products is increasing.

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