The Influence of Open Access Publishing on Researchers and Their Attitude Towards the “Pay-to-Publish” Model

The impact and influence of open access publishing are evident with the surge in the number of preprints since 2020—the year that brought everything to a standstill except the scientific research and publishing industry. Hence, owing to this distinguishable rise in open access publishing, many researchers have substantially resorted to publishing in open access journals. Now, even the STM Trends 2026 has forecasted the surge of open access in the next three to five years with the release of its theme for this year—The Beauty of Open at Scale. However, the article processing charges levied by some open access platforms have raised concerns amongst researchers who want to disseminate knowledge to larger masses. Furthermore, most researchers may not be aware of the funding opportunities within and beyond open access publishing.

To gauge the perspectives of authors and researchers, and their understanding of the “Pay-to-Publish” mechanism, Enago Academy is conducting a global survey titled Awareness About Funding Opportunities for Research and Open Access Publishing and Perceived Attitude Towards the “Pay-to-Publish” Model as part of its Research Risk Assessment initiative. We believe that the findings from this survey will be robust with your response as an active scholar.

What Is the Survey About?

This survey addresses the following important aspects, among a few others:

  • Awareness about the available funding opportunities in academia
  • Concerns related to article processing charges for open access publishing
  • Challenges faced whilst applying for grants, especially to pay for publishing in open access journals
  • Repercussions and perceived limitations, drawbacks, and concerns related to article processing charges for open access publishing
  • Effect of article processing charges on the advancement of science and its dissemination
  • Potential solutions to overcome the challenges associated with “Pay-to-Publish”

You can make a difference by making your opinion count.

The survey is available in the following languages: EnglishJapaneseChinese, and Korean.

Take the survey now and stand a chance to win some exciting rewards such as Amazon vouchers and a special feature on the Enago Academy website for the best respondents of the survey.

Spare 5 minutes to complete the survey and be a part of forming a sustainable open access publishing model. Fret Not! All your personal information will be kept confidential.

Please feel free to share the link with your colleagues, peers, students, and collaborators and invite them to voice their opinions too!

Feel free to connect with us at academy@enago.com for any doubts or suggestions. We will share the results of this survey publicly for the scholarly communication field’s perusal.

Let’s come together and help each other learn, explore, and turn publishing challenges into opportunities.

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