How to Master the Art of Publishing in Social Sciences and Humanities

Session Agenda

Social Sciences and Humanities are human-centric disciplines that study relationships and interactions within a cultural, economic, social, and political environment. Publications in high-impact journals become arduous due to lack of knowledge, and Social Sciences and Humanities fields are no exception to this. In order to simplify the publication journey of researchers from these fields, Enago conducted an introductory session to provide insights into the key publishing aspects. We also discussed the significance of open access publishing in these disciplines along with the rapidly growing field of Digital Humanities.

Researchers will have increased knowledge about the following:

  • How to get started with your research study?
  • How to choose the right journal?
  • An overview of the publication cycle
  • Open access publishing in social sciences and humanities
  • What is Digital Humanities?

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Who should attend this session?

  • Graduate students
  • Early-stage researchers

About the Speaker

Jan Mathys de Beer, Ph.D.

Dr. de Beer is a distinguished publishing expert with >25 years of experience in academia. He is an accomplished researcher, public speaker, mentor, and a published author. To date, Dr. de Beer has taught courses related to research methodology, communication, human development, social interaction and behavior, and leadership training. Dr. de Beer has completed his Ph.D. in Science of Religion and Missiology from the University of Pretoria, where he also worked as a Research Associate (2010 – 2013). Through his own publishing company—Davidstar Publications, Dr. de Beer has published several books and translated books from Afrikaans to English. In 2016, he completed his CELTA certification that is issued by Cambridge English Language Assessment. Currently, he is associated with Woosong University as a Professor and Research Coordinator, helping prospective ESL researchers improving their awareness of research and publishing and developing course material and training programs. At Enago Academy, Dr. de Beer is an Expert Speaker and Publication Consultant conducting informative training sessions focused on research writing and publishing.

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  • About the Speaker

    Dr. Jan Mathys de Beer

    Distinguished publishing expert, researcher, mentor, and public speaker with 25+ years of academic experience

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