LIVE Webinar: Achieving Work-Life Balance in Your Research Career


27 Feb 2019

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Enago Academy is glad to announce its next webinar highlighting the importance of work-life balance as a researcher. This online session will primarily focus on addressing key challenges faced by researchers while bringing in a balance to their work-life and practical tips to achieve this successfully.

After this second session, you will have more information on the following:

  • Why is work-life balance important?
  • Negative impacts in case of failure
  • How can you balance research productivity and work-life?
  • Employer’s Role in Maintaining Work-life Balance


  • As a life-science researcher, Valerie Rodrigues’ research expertise lies in the areas of microbiology, enzymology, molecular biology, and algal biotechnology.
  • She completed her Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the Institute of Chemical Technology and is a post-graduate in Biochemistry.
  • While pursuing her Ph.D., Valerie had a chance to visit Aberystwyth University, UK and briefly conduct her research study
  • As part of Enago Academy, Valerie ideates and develops resources on scientific writing and academic publishing for international researchers, to facilitate their publication journey.

All webinar-related materials such as ebooks, checklists, recording link, etc. will only be shared with the attendees. Please go ahead and recommend this session to your colleagues! It’s free!

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