Country-Wide Author Workshops in Malaysia by Enago

  Sep 25, 2017   Enago Academy
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Kuala Lumpur/Johor Bahru/Penang, Malaysia: Enago in collaboration with 4 of the top universities across Malaysia organized a series of country-wide workshops for early-career Malaysian researchers. The host universities comprised University Putra Malaysia, University of Technology Malaysia, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, and University Sains Malaysia. Despite the public holiday announced by the Malaysian PM for winning record number of gold prizes in SEA games, the registration activity elicited an overwhelming response of over 2250 interested researchers from around 12 universities!

img_3790The workshop topics ranged from importance of research and publication ethics and best practices in selecting target journals to presenting in international conferences and importance of peer networking. Each session began with a brief discussion on the publication landscape and the citation potential of research papers written by Malaysian authors.

“It was wonderful to see the interest and excitement among the young researchers who attended our workshops. They were very inquisitive and presented interesting questions both during and after the workshops. It was also encouraging to see the faculty members being completely supportive of their students in their publication journey. Overall, we are really glad that we came to Malaysia and conducted these workshops—and from the reception and feedback, we will not be surprised if the Malaysian researchers want another large-scale workshops soon!” said Anupama Kapadia, Editor-in-Chief, Enago Academy and AGM, Enago.

prof-dr-mohammad-hamiruce-marhabanProf. Dr. Mohammad Hamiruce Marhaban, Director Research Management Centre, University Putra Malaysia mentioned, “First, I would like to congratulate the Enago team in organizing such a great workshop regarding academic writing. All points that were presented are useful and helpful to write an article professionally and academically. Through these workshops, we wanted to implement a medium that helps them resolve the challenges faced by them in writing and submitting papers intended for English journals. I am sure the researchers are now very motivated to publish their scientific work in reputable international journals.”

dr-lee-khai-ernDr. Lee Khai Ern, Deputy Director, Centre for Research and Instrumentation Management (CRIM), University Kebangsaan Malaysia added, “We at University Kebangsaan Malaysia want our researchers’ presence in the international scientific community to be high. We also are keenly aware that institutional ranking plays a role in receiving funding opportunities which in turn affects the research impact of that institution. Enago’s author workshops have helped our researchers gain excellent insights into attaining successful publication, thereby improving their future funding and research opportunities. The speaker also gave some important practical advice and quick tips on how to write better manuscripts for publication in international peer-reviewed journals, which was very helpful. In addition, I am glad that our lecturers, researchers and students will have access to resources supplied by Enago Academy, which in turn will provide them with constant guidance in this competitive

Prof. Dr. Lee Keat Teong, Director Research Creativity and Management Office, University Sains Malaysia commented, “The workshops held by Enago were intended to help researchers overcome language barriers and help them realize their potential as published authors by communicating their ideas effectively to a global audience. As part of our commitment to help our students prosper on an international platform, we are more than glad to collaborate with Enago to help the students at USM in preparing their manuscripts for submission to reputable English language journals.”


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