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Since 2005, Enago has conducted 800+ on-demand webinars and workshops and created comprehensive e-learning courses that have helped 2 million+ authors & many top universities across the world. The webinars, workshops, and e-learning courses are conducted by top experts, including Nobel Laureates, and are available in a range of languages, covering broad-ranging topics and domains in English and local languages. These events and courses provide solutions specifically designed for researchers to overcome publication barriers and achieve global publication success. Specifically curated for non-native authors, with over 5000 pieces of content hosted by multilingual publication experts with over 16 years of training experience.


Workshops and webinars


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2+ Million

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What We Offer


Enago Academy conducts in-depth and tailored workshops to help researchers develop their academic careers by providing personalized solutions on specific challenges they face in conducting research and publishing their findings. These workshops cover broad-ranging topics such as research publishing, clinical trials, research writing, ethics, and plenty more.


Enago hosts live and on-demand free webinars conducted by established academic writing and publishing experts with extensive research experience on various topics, including journal selection, avoiding journal rejection, benefits of open access publishing, presenting better at conferences, avoiding plagiarism, and plenty more.

Learning Courses

Enago Learn is a comprehensive e-learning program on academic writing and publication concepts conducted by top industry experts. The modules have been developed in collaboration with publishing experts, journal editors, and managing editors and provide information on the end-to-end process of academic publishing.

Consultation Services

Enago Consult is the industry’s first live, one-on-one video consultation and mentorship service. Enago Consult has 50+ experts with a specialization in 17+ disciplines and an average of 20+ years of professional experience. A dedicated consultant that you choose works with you to help get your research evaluated and published successfully in a top journal.

Our Expertise

Showcase - See the Future 2020

Enago set a new benchmark for the industry by hosting See the Future, a global conference that brought experts from the fields of scientific research and higher education, including a Nobel Laureate & top-ranking ministers, under a single platform – a pioneering achievement.

With 20,000 registrations worldwide, the conference was one of the largest events attended by researchers, university managers, and publishing professionals globally. The program included a keynote session, a selection of webinars, panel discussions, and interactive Q&A sessions with thought leaders from research, education, and publishing. Overall, the conference was a huge success as it provided a unique platform to gain insight on post-pandemic research, collaboration, AI & the future of education.

Interested in training for your university?

Contact us to let us know what you need.

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