Common English Translation Mistakes in Academic Writing – Tips, Tricks, and Tools!

  • Language and Grammar Rules
  • Accurate word choice
  • Maintaining factual correctness
  • Optimizing sentence structure

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  • About the Speakers

    John Gallagher, Quality Specialist, Ulatus

    John has extensive working experience as a Quality Specialist, Translator, and Translation Checker. He has worked with major Japan-based translation agencies, for end-users who are household names in industry and government. Specializing in Japanese to English translation in the Humanities, his work has covered a wide range of text types, from academic theses to legal and marketing assignments. His wealth of experience in working with a broad range of texts and as a senior linguist allows him to take an informed, hands-on approach to quality management. His publications include translations in genres ranging from children’s literature to manga history, along with non-fiction.

    Uttkarsha Bhosale, Content Expert, Enago Academy

    Uttkarsha is a gold medalist in Chemistry. She has previously worked as an editor and writer for premier medical and chemical English-language journals. Hitherto, she has developed around 100+ scientific content pieces and features for regular as well as special issues for medical practitioners. As an academic, she has a background in qualitative research and has also presented several papers at regional and national research conventions. She has been the chairperson of the science association and English literary group at the university level. With her flair for language and writing, she maintains a strong interest in resolving issues faced by academics and researchers.

    Session Agenda

    Since English is predominantly used as a knowledge dissemination language by high-impact academic journals, ESL authors often face challenges in writing manuscripts for the global audience. This hinders the chances of growth in literature and research, despite the subject expertise. To imprint their identity as a researcher on the global map,  researchers often choose to write manuscripts in their native language and translate it to English. However, this tricky language demands strict adherence to its standard format, style, and other linguistic requirements. Our next webinar in collaboration with Ulatus will help authors produce clear, accurate, factually correct, and polished manuscripts. We will discuss some common examples illustrating context-specific usage of English language along with accurate grammar, tone, and style requirements.

    Researchers will improve their understanding of the following:

    • Direct machine translation: Common problems and strategies to overcome these challenges
    • Language and grammar rules
    • Importance of accurate word choice and tips to improve vocabulary
    • Importance of maintaining factual correctness
    • Strategies to optimize sentence length and structure
    • Appropriate use of nouns and pronouns
    • Tips for rewriting phrases and/or sentences
    • Introduction to grammar checker tools

    About Ulatus:

    Ulatus, is one of the leading academic translation companies worldwide. With more than 2,000 contracted translators and 150 in-house editors we've been able to serve over 600,000 customers so far. Our services go beyond translation and include various forms of assistance to researchers seeking to get published. Ulatus is the preferred choice for translation across several countries globally and is recognised by researchers and corporate institutions alike for its 99.45% client satisfaction rate.

    What people have said about previous webinars

    I attended their see the future conference which was 2 day event. They had reputed speakers from the academic sector and a nobel laureate as their speakers who had a lot of valuable information to share. I thank Enago for the opportunity to attend.

    Dr. Paul Lavender

    Working with Enago is a pleasure from start to finish. The webinar was prepared with plenty of notice, well publicized, ran perfectly, and clear participant feedback was provided shortly afterwards. What more can you ask for?

    Dr. Tomas berdych

    Firstly, I regularly attend Enago’s webinars as they are very engaging. I find a lot of things in presented in their webinars to be very practical and useful in my research journey. They could also customize a webinar series for the university I teach. The webinars are helpful to the students in publishing better.

    Prof. Abdul Haaris

    The webinar that I attended on plagiarism and ethics was in depth and at the same time to the point. I got to learn a lot from these webinar and got my question answered. Thanks for this!

    Rupert Walsh

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