How E-Learning Can Help in Publishing Your Research

Session Agenda

This webinar focuses on the importance of e-learning courses in simplifying the publication journey of a researcher. Although e-learning is not a new concept, its usefulness in academic publishing is yet to be explored by the researchers. In this session, we will discuss how researchers can take the maximum benefit of the available e-learning courses, specific for the different stages of the publishing process and enhance their knowledge.

Through this webinar, researchers will learn:

  • Overview of e-Learning and the general structure of e-Learning platforms: how do they work?
  • How researchers can unlock the potential of e-Learning courses for their own interest?
  • E-Learning courses available in research & publishing
  • Enago Learn: Useful e-Learning platform designed by industry experts

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Who should attend this session?

  • Graduate students
  • Early-stage researchers

About the Speaker

Ishan Dave, BELS-certified Editor and Publication Consultant
  • With 7+ years of experience in the publishing industry, Ishan has been closely working with the ESL researchers to help them get published in international peer-reviewed journals.
  • As a Senior Editor, he has also helped establish editorial teams and mentored team members on several technical and language-related concepts related to editing.
  • At Enago, he has worked closely with various pre- and post-publication divisions of publishers and journals and assisted them in resolving publication-related challenges faced by their teams.
  • Ishan has experience in organizing and conducting author workshops focusing on various author training initiatives that Enago pursues with its partner universities and clients.
  • Ishan has also been a part of the core team that has developed Enago Learn, a comprehensive e-learning program on academic writing and publishing.
  • In his current role, Ishan provides editorial services to individual authors, journals, and publishers. He is also working with book publishers in developing Chemistry-related content.
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  • About the Speaker

    Mr. Ishan Dave

    Publishing expert, consultant, and chemist with 7+ years of experience in the academic publishing industry

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