How E-Learning Can Help in Publishing Your Research


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This webinar focuses on the importance of e-learning courses in simplifying the publication journey of a researcher. Although e-learning is not a new concept, its usefulness in academic publishing is yet to be explored by the researchers. In this session, we will discuss how researchers can take the maximum benefit of the available e-learning courses, specific for the different stages of the publishing process and enhance their knowledge.

Researchers will learn:

  • Overview of e-Learning and the general structure of e-Learning platforms: how do they work?
  • How researchers can unlock the potential of e-Learning courses for their own interest?
  • E-Learning courses available in research & publishing
  • Enago Learn: Useful e-Learning platform designed by industry experts

  1. Helen says

    Will it be possible to access the presentation on YouTube? I don’t have the server for a live session.

    Helen, Uganda

  2. Free Webinar: How E-Learning Can Help in Publishing Your Research | Academic Writing University Center
  3. Raheem says

    Good job

  4. Paul Morales says

    Thanks for the invitation

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