New Zealand and the World: Past, Present and Future

Authors : Robert G Patman (University of Otago, New Zealand), Iati Iati (University of Otago, New Zealand), Balazs Kiglics (University of Otago, New Zealand)

Publisher : World Scientific

ISBN : 978-981-3232-39-6

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The aim of this book is to provide the reader with an overview of New Zealand's international relations. It is a country that has often shown an international presence that is out of proportion to the modest spectrum of national economic, military and diplomatic capabilities at its disposal.

In this volume, the editors have called upon a range of specialists representing a range of views drawn from the worlds of academia, policy-making, and civil society. It is an attempt to present a rounded picture of New Zealand's place in the world, one that does not rely exclusively on any particular perspective. The book does not claim to be exhaustive. But it does seek to present a more wide-ranging treatment of New Zealand's foreign relations than has generally been the case in the past.

Five broad themes help shape and organize the contributions to the text:

1. History and National Identity
2. Economics and Regionalism
3. Morality
4. Geopolitics and National Security Interests
5. Diplomatic Engagement and Multilateralism
Robert G Patman's research interests concern US foreign policy, international relations, global security, great powers and the Horn of Africa. He was an editor for the journal International Studies Perspectives (2010-14), and the author or editor of 11 books. Recent publications include a volume called Strategic Shortfall: The 'Somalia Syndrome' and the March to 9/11 (Praeger, 2010) and three co-edited books titled The Bush Leadership, the Power of Ideas, and the War on Terror (Ashgate, 2012); China and the International System: Becoming a World Power (Routledge, 2013); and Science Diplomacy: New Day or False Dawn? (World Scientific Publishing, 2015). He is a Fulbright Senior Scholar, a Senior Fellow at the Centre of Strategic Studies, Wellington, an Honorary Professor of the NZ Defence Command and Staff College, Trentham, and provides regular contributions to the national and international media on global issues and events.

Iati Iati received his PhD from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. His research interests are in good governance, land tenure reform, regionalism, and New Zealand foreign policy in the Pacific. His current projects focus on political stability in Samoa, controversial land reform in the Pacific, and recent developments in Pacific regionalism, and in particular sub-regionalism. On the side, he likes to examine issues of nationalism and the nation-state in the Pacific, and is currently working on a project that interrogates the myth of the Samoa-Tonga Wars.

Balazs Kiglics studied in Budapest, Hungary. He holds a BA in Physical Education, a BA in Business Administration, and a Postgraduate Diploma in International Economics. He was a founding member and then president of the Hungarian Foundation of Sports Philosophy (1999). He came to the University of Otago in 2009, to join the programme of Asian Studies. In 2012, Balazs started a doctoral thesis on 'World, vision, values, and progressivity in Japanese elite perceptions of contemporary Japan–China relations: what comes after the cherry blossoms are over?'
There are currently no reviews for this book title.
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