Healthcare Policies and Systems in Europe and China: Comparisons and Synergies

Authors : Attilio Mucelli (Marche Polytechnic University, Italy), Francesca Spigarelli (University of Macerata, Italy)

Publisher : World Scientific

ISBN : 978-981-3231-21-4

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Healthcare Policies and Systems in Europe and China, a product of an interdisciplinary European Union-funded project, comprehensively investigates opportunities for mutual integration in the healthcare sector of the two regions and analyses policies at both national and local levels, the legal environment, medical practices, as well as the state of respective healthcare industries and related businesses. The book sheds light on both the potential benefits and obstacles to the integration of Chinese and Western medicine, as well as practices and industries in Europe and China. An interdisciplinary approach is adopted throughout using tools and technical knowledge derived from the economics, social sciences, legal and medical fields.

This edited volume seeks to provide guidelines and policy proposals for policy-makers both in Europe and China, as well as offer operational suggestions for companies working in or with China, to enhance bilateral trade and investment flows. It also presents medical evidence and economic/legal analysis that will help boost the integration of traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine through research studies. This is a recommended read for graduates, researchers and policy-makers seeking for a holistic understanding of healthcare policies and systems, both in theory and in practice.
Attilio Mucelli is Associate Professor of Management Accounting at the School of Economics "Giorgio Fuà", Marche Polytechnic University, where he teaches Business Administration and Management Control. He is Visiting Professor at the Florida Gulf Coast University (USA) and at the Beijing Normal University (PR China). He has been Visiting Professor/Scholar at University of Heilbronn (Germany), Rollins College (USA), Toulouse Business School (France), and Capital University of Economics and Business (PR China).

He is the scientific coordinator of a research project, financed by the European Commission (FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IRSES, Marie Curie Actions) with a total budget of around 690,000 Euro on "China and Europe Taking Care of Healthcare Solutions — CHETCH".

His main research interests are related to the following topics: (a) Efficiency and cost-effectiveness of integrating TCM in an accounting perspective; (b) Pension fund management (Planning and control systems and economic and financial accounting); (c) Management and cultural issues of firms' internationalization strategies (Management and cultural problems in internationalization processes of firms. Special focus on investments by companies from BRIC countries in the Western markets, with specific reference to Chinese cases of M&As abroad); (d) The international harmonization of accounting standards (European standards vs US standards); (e) The Italian Industrial Districts (A model for regional economic development in the United States).

Francesca Spigarelli (PhD) is Professor of Applied Economics, at the University of Macerata and Director of the China Center at the University of Macerata. She is Vice Rector for Entrepreneurship and Technological Transfer and for European Research Policy.

She is coordinator (or principal investigator) of several European-funded projects with Horizon 2020. She is a scientific coordinator of LUCI — Laboratory for Creativity and Humanism at the University of Macerata. She is member of the Chinese Globalization Association.

She is visiting scholar at the Florida Gulf Coast University (USA). She was visiting at the Beijing Normal University (PR China), Rollins College (USA), and Toulouse Business School (France).

Her main teaching areas are: International Business, Applied Economics, Microeconomics. Her research fields cover Chinese investments, M&A, and internationalization processes of SMEs.

She has authored several papers and chapters in international journals and books.
There are currently no reviews for this book title.
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