50 Years of Singapore’s Productivity Drive

Authors : Kin Chung Woon (Singapore Productivity Centre, Singapore), Ya Lee Loo

Publisher : World Scientific

ISBN : 978-981-3141-17-9

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2017 marks the 50th year of Singapore's national productivity drive. This book provides a comprehensive account of the phases, milestones and activities of the productivity drive from its humble beginnings in 1967. The coverage ranges from the assistance that Singapore received through the United Nations Development Programme and the Japan–Singapore Productivity Development Project, to the national campaigns and programmes to build competencies in enterprises and the workforce.

The various developments are placed in the context of the economic environment and the priorities of the country at different points in time. This makes it clear why certain policies were implemented and why the productivity drive was transformed as Singapore progressed from a developing country to a developed country. Drawing insights from the 50-year history, the book concludes with a list of issues for reflection.
Dr Woon Kin Chung joined National Productivity Board in 1984, and has held senior positions in various functions in the organisation (including its successors, PSB and SPRING) including Corporate Planning, Research & Development, Corporate Communications, Corporate Services and Industry Development. He served as the Secretariat to the first National Productivity Council, and has been deeply involved in the national productivity drive for the past 35 years. Dr Woon was seconded from SPRING to head Singapore Productivity Centre (SPC) in 2013. His last position in SPRING was Executive Director (Productivity Programme Office & Corporate Services). Productivity Programme Office is the liaison office between the National Productivity Council (set up in 2010) and the other divisions within SPRING. Dr Woon has authored various publications on productivity-related subjects, including: Productivity Movement — the first 10 years; Productivity 2000; ProAct 21.

Ms Loo Ya Lee joined SPRING's Productivity Programme Office (PPO) in 2010, and was involved in the development of various productivity publications, tools and programmes for SMEs. She headed PPO, and was heavily involved in liaison between the National Productivity Council and the other divisions within SPRING. In 2014, she was seconded to Singapore Productivity Centre (SPC), and oversees the planning, corporate development, research and benchmarking functions as Director, Planning & Corporate Development.
There are currently no reviews for this book title.
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