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What Do We Cover?

  • Basic to advanced level topics for all research disciplines including Medicine,
    Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences
  • Topics range from academic writing, publishing, and effective communication to research-centric subjects curated for researchers, university faculty members, and publishers
  • Also includes career-building topics such as networking, presenting,
    promoting research, etc.
  • End-to-end planning and implementation by the Enago Academy
    webinars team

Exclusive Benefits

  • Topics are customized to meet the specific requirements of researchers
  • Tailor-made registration pages with detailed agenda points
  • Scheduled sessions at a preferred date and time
  • Handouts and quizzes developed upon request
  • Options to choose the preferred speaker and language of delivery
  • Customized and downloadable e-certificates for the participants
  • Comprehensive feedback report shared to assess the usefulness of the sessions
  • Complete backend support by dedicated project managers

Meet Enago Training Experts

Internationally acclaimed and experienced publication experts


Roger Watson

Vice President of NCUP and Editor-in-Chief of a Wiley journal with 30+ years of experience in publishing

Sarah Greaves

STM consultant, science communicator, and a former publisher at Nature & Hindawi

Despina Sanoudou

Certified in clinical molecular diagnostics by the American Board of Medical Genetics

Richard de Grijs

Professor of Astrophysics at Macquarie University and an ex-IAU Director (East Asia) with IOP Fellowship

Fiona Murphy

Open Science specialist and Secretary of the Board of the data repository, Dryad

Duncan Nicholas

President of the European Association of Science Editors, Development Editor for Elsevier's Reproductive BioMedicine Online Journal

James Wicker

Editor and Researcher at the National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Anupama Kapadia

Science Communication Expert and Editor-in-Chief at Enago Academy

Jenny Roy

VIP Editor for Biomedical Sciences, Enago

Naoki Masuda

Leading Expert in Mathematical Biology and Editorial Board Member of Top Journals Including Frontiers in Physics, PLoS One, Scientific Reports

Raffaella Gozzelino

Established Medical Researcher and Dean at Atlantic Technical University (UTA)

Editing Demo Webinar by Enago's Top Editors

Watch our popular webinar, led by Enago's top academic editors, to learn how to enhance the quality of your manuscript's language, structure, and overall readability. This webinar will help researchers understand how academic editors evaluate manuscripts and how to avoid manuscript rejection due to poor manuscript quality.

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Basic topics from ready-made
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Basic + advanced topics from
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Enago Academy

Basic and advanced topics from ready-made list shared by Enago Academy + custom topics shared by the client

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Registration page 

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with custom form fields 

Email communication 

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participants can be requested 

+ two additional emails to participants can be requested  


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with customisation 

Feedback survey and
analysis report  

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promotional banners in
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A:You can visit https://www.enago.com/academy/webinars/ to know about the next webinars scheduled. We are currently conducting webinars in English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish languages.
A:These webinars are conducted by established academic writing and publishing experts with extensive research experience.
A:There is no registration fee for attending the webinar. It’s free!
A:Each webinar session is of 60 minutes including 15 minutes live chat-based question and answer session.
A:Once you have joined the webinar, you can post your queries in the questions drop-down on GoToWebinar control panel displayed on your screen. You can also post your questions on Enago Academy’s QnA forum.
A:No, only the speaker would be able to see the queries posted and answer them verbally.
A:You feedback will help us understand the area of improvements and deliver quality webinars in future. It will also help us get an idea of topics that you would want us to conduct future sessions on.
A:You can visit https://www.enago.com/academy/webinars/ to view the recording. Generally, the recordings are uploaded within 3 days from the date of live webinar.
A:You can post your questions on any topic on our Q&A forum and our experts will address them within 48 hours.
A:No, we do not share the certificates for attending our webinars.
A:No, we do not share the presentations; however, we do share the webinar recordings which are published on https://www.enago.com/academy/webinars/.
A:You can share topic suggestions through the feedback survey shared with the attendees. Alternatively, you can email us at academy@enago.com.
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