Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism

Authors : John Dirk Walecka (College of William and Mary, USA)

Publisher : World Scientific

ISBN : 978-981-3272-06-4 (Hardcover), 978-981-3273-10-8 (Softcover)

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These lectures provide an introduction to a subject that together with classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, and modern physics lies at the heart of today's physics curriculum. This introduction to electricity and magnetism, aimed at the very best students, assumes only a good course in calculus, and familiarity with vectors and Newton's laws; it is otherwise self-contained. Furthermore, these lectures, although relatively concise, take one from Coulomb's law to Maxwell's equations and special relativity in a lucid and logical fashion.

An extensive set of accessible problems enhances and extends the coverage. Review chapters spaced throughout the text summarize the material. Clear departure points for further study are indicated along the way.

The principles of electromagnetism, as synthesized in Maxwell's equations and the Lorentz force, have such an astonishing range of applicability. A good introduction to this subject, even at the cost of some repetition, allows one to approach the many more advanced texts and monographs with better understanding and a deeper sense of appreciation that both students and teachers can share alike.
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There are currently no reviews for this book title.
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