Authors : Zhengyu Jin (Jiangnan University, China)

Publisher : World Scientific

ISBN : 978-981-3229-65-5

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Cyclodextrins are an extremely versatile class of chemicals highly prized for their ability to incorporate a plethora of organic, inorganic and biologic guest molecules into their hydrophobic cavities and form host-guest inclusion complexes. As excellent molecular receptors, they have long been exploited in many important industries such as food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, analytical chemistry and enzyme mimics.

Researchers, technicians and application specialists in many industries will appreciate this handy volume that systematically discusses how cyclodextrins are applied in their industries. Special attention is devoted to the preparation of inclusion complexes, novel properties of the resultant complexes, and details on applying those properties to industry.
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There are currently no reviews for this book title.
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