New Humanism and Global Governance

Authors : Lijun Yang (South China University of Technology, China) and Wei Shan (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Publisher : World Scientific

ISBN : 978-981-3236-17-2

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New Humanism and Global Governance is the first in this subject to study how a variety of factors related to globalization will shape the future of the human community. It discusses the major challenges to today's world order and governance, as well as international experience in responding to these challenges. It covers a wide range of issues including unequal distribution of wealth, the widening income inequality gap, contradiction between economic development and environmental protection, the middle-income trap, de-globalization, democratic crisis, anti-immigration sentiments, nationalism, and radical extremism. It addresses these issues by emphasizing policy implications for governance.

The chapters are selected papers from two international conferences jointly held by the Institute of Public Policy(IPP) at the South China University of Technology and UNESCO. Contributors from China, Europe and the US present their questions, observations, and analyses in a narrative and descriptive style which appeal to a wide range of audience.
Dr Yang Lijun is Professor of Sociology at the Institute of Public Policy at South China University of Technology (SCUT). She has studied social changes and social movements in contemporary China, particularly the Cultural Revolution and nationalism. Her research papers have appeared in academic journals such as The China Quarterly, Journal of Contemporary China, The Review of History, Asian Studies, and Chinese Affairs. Her book Social Structure and the Cultural Revolution in China: Citizenship and Collective Violence was selected as one of the five best books in all social science subjects in the Asian Pacific region, and for this she received the Ohira Memorial Foundation Award in 2005. She has also edited and co-edited many volumes on contemporary China.

Professor Yang received her BA in media studies from Beijing Broadcasting College, now The Communication University of China, her MA in politics from Yokohama City University, Japan and her PhD in sociology from Hitotsubashi University, Japan. Before join SCUT, she held various research and teaching positions in the State Language Work Committee of the State Council China, Hitotsubashi University, Aochi Prefectural University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Waseda University (Japan), and National University of Singapore.

Dr Shan Wei received his BA and MA in International Studies from Peking University and PhD in Political Science from Texas A&M University. His research focuses on the political behaviour of citizens and the elite in the context of political and economic development. Topics he has covered include Chinese citizens' political participation, changes in political culture, mass-elite relations, political leadership, and factional politics within the elite group. His research paper appears in China Quarterly and other academic journals. He is the co-editor of The State of Rural China: Peasants, Agriculture and Rural Society in the Reform Era.
There are currently no reviews for this book title.
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