Japan and China: A Contest in Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa

Authors : Koichi Sakamoto (Toyo University, Japan)

Publisher : World Scientific

ISBN : 978-981-3223-73-8

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Since the opening up of China in 1979, the country had experienced phenomenal economic growth over the decades and overtook Japan as the second-largest economy in 2010. With the establishment of a conservative administration led by Shinzo Abe in December 2012 and Xi Jinping's ascendance to power as the General Secretary of China's ruling party a month earlier, the two countries intensified their commitments in aid to Sub-Saharan Africa. Surveying the Japanese and Chinese aid in Sub-Saharan Africa, this book examines the two Asian giants' policies and achievements in past decades and discusses future directions of their aid initiatives. Japan and China: A Contest in Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa is recommended for those interested in understanding East Asian international relations and contemporary aid trends and issues in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Koichi Sakamoto is a professor at Toyo University, Tokyo. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Keio University, Tokyo, and obtained a doctoral degree from the graduate school.

He has worked for the United Nations, the World Bank, Trade Development Authority of India's Ministry of Commerce, Shanghai International Studies University, China, Japan's six ministries and aid agencies like Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

He is an author of several books in Japanese on international economics, development economics, and international finance including economic cooperation and aid. He participated as a consultant and advisor in numerous studies on aid to Sub-Saharan Africa commissioned mainly by the Foreign Ministry for thirty years.

He has had extensive field experiences. He stayed in Malawi for 1983–1987 as a UN macro-economic advisor to the Economic Planning Unit of the Government of Malawi. Eighteen other African countries have been visited, which include eight francophone countries. In addition, he has professional experiences in studies and projects in many Asian countries, including China, and in Europe and US.
There are currently no reviews for this book title.
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