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At Enago Academy, we are passionate about helping early career researchers overcome all challenges in publishing their work in top journals. This also reflects in our efforts to help experienced and busy researchers in building their research profile and maximize opportunities for career growth. We primarily focus on providing knowledge resources on research writing, publishing in journals, and promotion of published work. We see these areas as the least transparent and most misunderstood aspects of academic publishing and a major obstacle for groundbreaking research getting published. We believe that there is a better way to aid academics in fulfilling their research goals through a more practical, multilingual, up-to-date, and less intrusive avenue where they can gain insightful knowledge and acquire skills to achieve publication success.

Author Workshops

With our extensive expertise in editing manuscripts and assisting authors in their publication journey, we have identified the major pain points faced by researchers globally. Till date, we have conducted over 200 successful workshops across Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Latin America, etc. that have helped 85,000+ researchers understand basic and advanced concepts on research writing and academic publishing.

Academic Webinars

In order to propel our outreach efforts among researchers globally, we have hosted over 100 live and on-demand learning sessions in collaboration with various industry experts and publishers on topics that tackle the major concerns faced by academics from different subject areas. Our webinars are available in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish languages.

Scholarly Resources

As the number of published papers keep increasing every year, it is critical that ESL researchers enhance their writing and publishing skills to ensure successful publications. Our rich and diverse portfolio of 5000+ in-depth knowledge resources are available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese to aid researchers in meeting their goals and advancing their research career. In addition, our dedicated Q&A forum provides academics with a medium for active discussion and knowledge sharing.

Our Innovative Products

In this digital age, career progression for researchers primarily depends on their successful publication history. To facilitate this, we developed a structured, flexible, and certified online learning platform for busy researchers that enables them to enrich their research skills and enhance their career growth.

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Keeping in mind the difficulties faced by academic researchers in finding the right solutions to their research problems, our premier consultation service helps authors connect with renowned experts from their field via live 1-on-1 video interactions to discuss their research questions or address any writing or publishing related issues.

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Our Tools

Scientific research and manuscript writing are daunting and time-taking tasks. Journals take up to 3 months to decide and often desk-reject manuscripts for mechanical reasons. AuthorONE uses advanced AI to check your manuscript on 60+ parameters, giving you complete insight into your manuscript's readiness. Now submit with confidence and get accepted with one submission.

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Finding the right open access (OA) journal for your research paper can often be challenging for most academics. The Enago Open Access Journal finder helps authors identify the most relevant open access journals to publish their manuscripts. This journal suggestion tool is DOAJ-verified and indexes over 14,300+ OA journals from publishers in 130+ countries.

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