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Dr. Fiona Murphy

Dr. Fiona Murphy

ex-Publisher, Wiley and Oxford University Press

An independent publishing consultant who also has an Associate Fellowship at the University of Reading, Dr Murphy has been a member of several research projects such as Peer Review of Research Data in the Earth Sciences (PREPARDE), Data2Paper, and the Belmont Forum. She is on the board of the data repository, Dryad, and an Editorial Board Member of the Data Science Journal. She has written and presented widely on data publishing, open data and open science. She has worked with scholarly publishers such as Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury Academic and Wiley. As publisher for Earth and Environmental Sciences, she has specialised in Open Science and Open Data.

Dr. Roger Watson

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Advanced Nursing & Nursing Open

With >25 years of experience in publishing, Dr Watson has had the opportunity to extensively contribute to the industry. He was instrumental in making Journal of Advanced Nursing the largest academic nursing journal in the world. He has served as sub-panel member of the 2008 UK Research Assessment Exercise and the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. He is the founding member of the Global Advisory Panel on the Future of Nursing. Currently, he is the Professor of Nursing at University of Hull.

Dr. Roger Watson
Ms. Louise Russell

Ms. Louise Russell

ex-COO, Ingenta, and ex-General Manager, Kudos

With >15 years of experience in publishing, Ms Russell has worked in various domains related to editorial operations and marketing divisions in the publishing industry. She has served as the ex-General Manager, Kudos, and was part of the core team that launched the platform in 2013. She is currently the Chair of Professional Development Committee, ALPSP, and has previously been a consultant for BMJ, F1000, and Kudos. She has also been the ex-Senior Vice President of the Scholarly Division at Ingenta and helped develop the Ingenta Connect and pub2web platform.

Mr. Duncan Nicholas

ex-Managing Editor, Taylor & Francis

ex-Managing Editor, Taylor & Francis With >12 years of experience in publishing, Mr. Nicholas has had extensive experience of working in the editorial division of Taylor & Francis. At T&F, he was responsible for managing more than 30 journals. He has been the founding member of Journal Development Team at T&F. He has extensive expertise in peer review and editorial management. He is the Council Member of European Association of Science Editors (EASE) and Chair of the 2017-2018 Organizing committee of ISMTE. He is also a member of an organization like ALPSP, INASP, SSP, ISMTE, and EASE.

Mr. Duncan Nicholas
Dr. Nello Spiteri

Dr. Nello Spiteri

ex-Director for Innovation & Business Development, Elsevier

With >30 years of experience in publishing, Dr. Spiteri has worked closely with journal editors, publishers, and researchers. He has been an ex-Publishing Director for Elsevier and a Senior Consultant for Nature Publishing Group. He helped develop additional publishing programs and managed a portfolio of over 100 international health science journals and published around 30 new book titles per year at Elsevier. He has been responsible for strategic planning and geographical expansion of journals in Germany, Spain, France, and Italy for Elsevier. He currently works as international publishing consultant to scientific, technical and medical publishers as well as professional academic and medical societies.

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Courses covering all aspects of academic publishing

Our courses have been designed to help you understand the expectations of international journals.
Preparing to Write a Research Paper

This course will provide you helpful guidance on how to plan and prepare your research article, in order to submit it to a journal for review. After this course, you will be able to plan your writing process, before moving on to writing styles.

View Course
Choosing the Best Journal

A common mistake that researchers make is submitting manuscripts to journals that are unlikely to publish their work.
In this course, we focus on the key selection criteria that researchers should follow for journal selection, in addition to the IF.

View Course
References and Citations

In this course, we will discuss some key aspects that researchers need to be aware of to ensure that the content is appropriately referenced for publication in international journals and reference management tools like EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero.

View Course
Structure of a Review Article: Title to Conclusion

Reviews are considered an important component of academic journals and, indeed, some journals are dedicated to publishing review articles. This module focuses on writing review articles for international peer-reviewed journals.

View Course
Open Science and Open Access

Many researchers are sceptical of open access journals because of their low IF and high cost. This module provides an introduction to the key aspects of open access publishing and how it is expected to change scholarly publishing in the future.

View Course
Marketing Your Work

Promotion of research to a large audience helps increase readership and the citation and impact of research.
In this module, we focus on the key technology domains that should be utilized by researchers to effectively promote Scientific Research.

View Course

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