Learn to Write a Successful Grant Proposal

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In many disciplines, for research that can be published in international journals, it is important to have sufficient funding and collaborations with international researchers. Although extremely competitive, there are multiple funding agencies that are willing to accept applications for expensive lab-based, field-based or collaborative research. Hence, it is important to share a structured and detailed application with funding agencies.

For an early-stage researcher, the biggest challenge is getting sufficient funding for him/her to create his lab and begin exploring his area of research.

In this course, we will focus on some important issues related to grant applications:

  • Understanding funding requirements
  • Identifying possible funding agencies
  • Comprehending expectations of grant agencies
  • How to write grant applications
  • Overcoming grant rejections and criticism



ex-Research Funding Officer, University of Stirling

With >10 years of experience in academia, Dr. Ferguson has assisted several early-stage and established researchers write their grant applications for funding agencies and other organizations. After his PhD in Italian Literature, at University of Edinburgh, he became a part of the project management team at the School of Literature, Languages and Cultures, as well as worked as a Publications Assistant for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Previously, he has also worked as a Research Funding Officer at the University of Stirling. At present, Dr. Ferguson continues to work as a translator and offers consultancy and blogging services to universities on the commercialisation of academic research.


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