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April 2020

Enago launches CLARA ― COVID-19 AI-tool for Researchers to Accelerate Scientific Breakthroughs & Overcome Coronavirus Pandemic

Our latest invention to speed up the global march towards Coronavirus vaccine

April 15, 2020, New York - To help researchers access structured and unstructured data quickly, Enago has developed a cloud-based AI research service, CLARA, which has a corpus of thousands of papers. This tool uses advanced AI, allowing users to make specific queries to the collections of papers. 

Though Coronavirus has adversely impacted millions of humans directly, the silver-lining is how this unparalleled pandemic has brought together billions in our quest for the antidote to bring COVID-19 to a halt. Enago’s CLARA – COVID-19 Learning And Research Accelerator – will aid the researchers globally by collating the most relevant papers on Coronavirus research and clinical trials available in the public domain. By providing fast & easy access to all the significant papers in one repository, CLARA is the much-needed catalyst that is primed to lead researchers towards a definite solution. It’s extremely simple to use and discover material that is relevant to the search intention.

In these unprecedented circumstances, Enago’s AI engineers rapidly harnessed their efforts to ideate, create, & support an algorithm that singularly helps COVID-19 researchers by giving them round-the-clock access to 42,000+ papers & 500+ COVID-19 clinical trials from renowned publishers. Overall, CLARA spurs COVID-19 learning & research by organizing all the openly available data, discovering relevant research, and giving customized daily updates on clinical trials. Surely, CLARA couldn’t have been possible without the commitment displayed by the publishers such as Karger, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, and many others who have made COVID research open and free.

“Enago stands by researchers in this ongoing battle against COVID-19,” asserted Enago CEO, Sharad Mittal. “There has never been a time when swift research publication was more vital. We developed CLARA to do our bit for this quest and employ our skills to make a practical tool available to all users. We also intend to make CLARA available in languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean so that every researcher can benefit from it without language being a barrier.”

Share this tool with fellow researchers to expedite our collective journey towards a cure for Coronavirus.

Link to CLARA portal:

About Enago (

Enago is a global leader in publication consulting and language services with the objective of fast-tracking researchers toward publication success. Our global workforce of 3000+ scientists, researchers, linguists, software developers, project managers, and publishing industry veterans have unmatched knowledge and experience in a wide range of highly specialized disciplines. Utilizing its unparalleled expertise in linguistics, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, Enago has developed a dynamic portfolio of custom-designed language and publication support services and cutting-edge AI products that facilitate researchers to publish in high-impact journals swiftly.


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