Plagiarism Check

    Manuscript Plagiarism Check Service

    Advantages of Enago Plagiarism Check

    Advanced software used by mainstream publishers

    • Powered by iThenticate, used by a majority of high impact factor journals
    • The world's largest database of 50+ million documents

    Actionable suggestions by a publication expert

    • Software plagiarism reports might highlight passages that have a high repetition but in fact are not a concern, including ethical declarations and citations.
    • Our expert will determine the problematic parts and advise how to reduce repetition.

    How Does Manuscript Plagiarism Check Work?

    • We will run your manuscript through iThenticate. 
    • The repetition report will highlight content that is flagged for repetition, with links to the source of duplicated content.
    • Our expert will examine the flagged passages to determine the problematic parts, and suggest how to address them. 

    We Deliver

    • A plagiarism report that highlights parts of content suspected of plagiarism, with expert notations on how to address them. 

    Delivery And Pricing

    Service PartnerStandard DeliveryPrice / Manuscript
    iThenticate 1 business day$ 100

    *To make it easier to submit, consider using the Full Support Portfolio, the Essay Polishing Portfolio, or the Thesis Translation Portfolio.

    *Chinese telephone and email communication assistance to solve your questions at all stages

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What file formats do you accept?+

    We accept all file formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, Latex, etc.

    How to identify whether paraphrasing is required?+

    We provide a report entailing recommendations for a single Plagiarism Check service. You can also write to us at for further assistance as paraphrasing is sold offline and has a relatively high conversion in most geographies. 

    What information do i need to provide?+

    Please upload your research manuscript when you place the order. If you want to include the tables, charts, and figure legends in the plagiarism check, please ensure that all content is in editable formats and in one single document.