Our Experts


Mr. Duncan Nicholas(ex-Managing Editor, Taylor Francis)

With >12 years of experience in publishing, Mr. Nicholas has had extensive experience of working in the editorial division of Taylor & Francis. At T&F, he was responsible for managing more than 30 journals. He has been the founding member of Journal Development Team at T&F. He has extensive expertise in peer review and editorial management. He is the Council Member of European Association of Science Editors (EASE) and Chair of the 2017-2018 Organizing committee of ISMTE. He is also a member of an organization like ALPSP, INASP, SSP, ISMTE, and EASE.

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Dr. Fiona Murphy(ex-Publisher, Wiley and Oxford University Press)

Dr. Murphy has been an ex-Publisher at Earth and Environmental Sciences, John Wiley & Sons and more than 20 years of experience in publishing. She is the member of Peer Review of Research Data in the Earth Sciences and Belmont Forum. She is also the co-Chair of WDS-RDA Publishing Data Workflows Working Group and Force11 Scholarly Commons Working Group.

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Dr. Roger Watson(Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Advanced Nursing)

Dr. Watson is currently working as a tenured professor of Nursing, University of Hull and has more than 25 years of experience in academic publishing. He has served as a sub-panel member of the 2008 UK Research Assessment Exercise and the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. He played an instrumental role in making Journal of Advanced Nursing the largest academic nursing journal in the world and is also the founding member of the Global Advisory Panel on the Future of Nursing.

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Ms. Louise Russell(ex-COO, Ingenta)

With more than 15 years experience in publishing, Ms. Russell has played the crucial role as the ex-SVP, Scholarly Division at Ingenta. Whilst at Ingenta, she was also instrumental in developing platforms such as the Ingenta Connect and pub2web. As an (ex-) General Manager at Kudos, she was part of the core team that launched the platform in 2013. She was also the Chair of Professional Development Committee, ALPSP, and consulted for BMJ, F1000, and Kudos.

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Dr. Christopher Ferguson(ex-Research Funding Officer, University of Stirling)

With >10 years of experience in academia, Dr. Ferguson has assisted several early-stage and established researchers write their grant applications for funding agencies and other organizations. After his PhD in Italian Literature, at University of Edinburgh, he became a part of the project management team at the School of Literature, Languages and Cultures, as well as worked as a Publications Assistant for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Previously, he has also worked as a Research Funding Officer at the University of Stirling. At present, Dr. Ferguson continues to work as a translator and offers consultancy and blogging services to universities on the commercialisation of academic research.

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Ms. Jenny Delasalle(ex-Academic Support Manager, University of Warwick)

Ms. Delasalle has more than 15 years of experience in publishing and has previously consulted for Springer Nature, Elsevier, OCLC, and Royal Astronomical Society. Whilst at the University of Warwick, she was responsible for training and support for getting published and bibliometrics. Ms. Delasalle has previously dabbled in knowledge dissemination and has conducted a course on “Information Ethics” at Humboldt University. She has also played the pivotal role as the Chair of the UK Council of Research Repositories in 2009-10.

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Dr. Nello Spiteri(Ex-Director for Innovation & Business Development, Elsevier)

Dr. Nello has been the ex-Publishing Director, Elsevier, and Senior Consultant, Nature Publishing Group. He helped develop additional publishing programs and managed a portfolio of over 100 international health science journals and published around 30 new book titles per year. He was also responsible for strategic planning and geographical expansion of journals in Germany, Spain, France, and Italy for Elsevier. With more than 30 years of publishing experience, he now works as international publishing consultant to scientific, technical and medical publishers as well as professional academic and medical societies.


Mr. John Bond(ex-Publisher and Editor)

Mr. John Bond founded Riverwinds Consulting to help publishers, associations, and researchers find answers to challenges of publishing. Mr. Bond has been part of the scholarly publishing industry for >25 years. Before Riverwinds Consulting, he was associated with SLACK Incorporated, a medical publisher based in NJ, USA. Mr. Bond has experience of publishing content in multiple formats such as journals, books, and digital products. He has commissioned the publishing of >500 books and >20,000 journal articles in his career. Mr. Bond continues to advocate for libraries as an evolving place for learning and education. As part of Riverwinds Consulting, he continues to work with medical and nursing associations as well as journal and book publishers.


Dr Jan de Beer(Researcher, Woosong University)

Dr. de Beer is a distinguished publishing expert with >25 years of experience in academia. He is an accomplished researcher, public speaker, mentor, and a published author. Till date, he has taught courses related to research methodology, communication, human development, social interaction and behavior, and leadership training. Dr. de Beer has completed his PhD in Science of Religion and Missiology (2009) from the University of Pretoria, where he also worked as a research associate from 2010 to 2013. He then started his own publication company, known as Davidstar Publications, through which he has published several books and was responsible for translating books from Afrikaans to English. In 2016, he completed his CELTA certification that is issued by Cambridge English Language Assessment. Since 2017, he has been associated with Woosong University as an Assistant Professor, helping prospective ESL researchers improving their awareness of research and publishing and developing course material and training programs.