World Scientific and Enago Collaborate to Offer English Editing Services

World Scientific is pleased to offer English editing services in partnership with Enago, one of the world’s foremost academic editing service providers, with expertise in editing for Engineering, Medicine, Information Technology, Environmental Technology, and Management Sciences. Now, authors submitting their manuscript to World Scientific can polish their research writing and ensure the language quality of their manuscript is of the highest standard.

Through this partnership, Enago and World Scientific aim to empower researchers – Enago by providing the world-class English editing services; World Scientific by offering access to these services at discounted prices.

Authors Can Choose from two Levels of Editing Services

Copy Editing

Our professional Copy Editing services are designed for quality-conscious authors requiring a thorough language check of their manuscripts. Papers submitted to this service are returned free from language errors such as spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation errors, and typos. Our Copy Editing services are moderately priced compared to Substantive Editing and deliver a paper that is publishable in SCI indexed journals.

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Substantive Editing

Substantive Editing, our top-tier premium service, is specifically tailored to the needs of the global scientific research community—in particular, quality-conscious authors looking to submit their work to high-impact peer-reviewed international journals. Our Substantive Editing services cover all aspects of Copy Editing. In addition, they include advanced editing which focuses on logic, structure and presentation of your manuscript.

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Author Education

At Enago, we strive to enable researchers in their publishing pursuits by providing them with all the necessary information and knowledge pertaining to manuscript writing and the publication process. This includes free access to comprehensive resources, quick tips, interviews with international publishing experts, as well as some of the latest and critical updates in the scholarly publishing industry.

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