Insights into Assigning Authorship and Contributorship, and Open Access Publishing


In today’s academic publishing landscape, high-quality publications are critical for establishing both the credibility of the study and researchers’ recognition amongst their peers. Enago in collaboration with Medizinische Universität Innsbruck conducted an informative online session for assisting research scholars at different career-stages in achieving publication success. In this increasingly complex and interconnected global scientific ecosystem, Open Science is indispensable for making knowledge transparent and accessible. The principles of openness must be applied to all the stages of the research cycle as a step forward to increase integrity, collaboration, and reproducibility in scholarly research. Another critical aspect of scholarly publishing is providing due credit to researchers for their contributions by assigning authorship or contributorship. Given that a research study involves multiple contributors, deciding authors and acknowledging contributors is one of the key challenges while writing a manuscript.

This webinar will help researchers understand the recommended guidelines to be followed while listing authors and contributors as well as highlight how researchers can contribute to Open Science by sharing all their research outputs, resources, methods, or tools openly. Researchers will have a better understanding of the following:

  • ICMJE guidelines on authorship
  • How to differentiate an author from a contributor?
  • How to avoid ethical dilemmas about authorship decisions and settle authorship disputes?
  • How long should the author list be and who can be the corresponding author or a co-author?
  • Overview of “Open Knowledge” and its pros and cons
  • The significance of open data sharing, open peer review, and open licensing
  • Summary of open source and open education resources


  • Early-stage researchers
  • Doctoral students
  • Postdoctoral researchers
  • Established researchers


Despina Sanoudou, Ph.D. (Cambridge), FACMG (Harvard)
  • Dr. Sanoudou is an award-winning medical researcher with 80+ publications in renowned medical/biomedical journals including PubMed.
  • The impact of her work is demonstrated by the 3,700+ citations that she has to her credit. Dr. Sanoudou is also the recipient of more than 20 research grants.
  • She has worked as a coordinator for an international genomics/pharmacogenomics program and as a fellow with Genzyme and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She was also a post-doctoral fellow as well as an instructor at Harvard Medical School.
  • Till date, Dr. Sanoudou has attended 188 national and international conferences as an invited speaker, served as a peer reviewer for 41 international journals, and chaired several seminars.

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Dr. Despina Sanoudou

An Award-winning medical researcher with 80+ publications and extensive experience as an editor, grant reviewer, and peer reviewer of high-ranking journals


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