We will try to assign your document to the chosen editor. However, we won't be able to guarantee depending on the editor's availability, type of editing service required, etc.
Covers clarity and accuracy, grammatical errors and use of US/UK English
A thorough language check carried out by 2 sets of expert editors
Ensures manuscripts meet journal guidelines including style, formatting and word count
Critiques logical flow of information, presentation, accuracy and overall clarity
Support feature designed to answer questions relating to edited manuscripts
Manuscript insurance of unlimited editing, valid for up to 1 year
Manuscript insurance of unlimited editing, valid for up to 60 days
Receive a 30% discount on any further sections that need editing
A detailed report containing a full analysis and including all the comments and critiques put forward for your manuscript.
A one page report containing ratings, valuable tips and suggestions on language.
End-to end services to assist you at each stage of your publishing journey, from Journal Selection, Pre-submission Peer Review, Formatting and Artwork Editing to Journal Submission and more.
A detailed cover letter, highlighting your paper’s important points.
Unlimited rounds of editing for up to 120 days.
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Unlimited rounds of editing for up to 365 days.
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Rigorous Quality check of your research paper by a Nature Editor.
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Ensure your paper is ready for resubmission after facing rejection.
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Checks for correct language usage, including punctuation, spelling and tense
Ensures consistency throughout, from headings to abbreviations and US/UK English styles
Covers accuracy of citation and manuscript cross-referencing
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Our comprehensive two-stage editing process ensures your manuscript is error-free.
We will work with you on your manuscript until all language issues are resolved.
Only available with Full support Pack and Custom pack
At an additional $137, make your manuscript ready for resubmission after facing rejection and improve your chances of getting published.
At an additional $32, you can get your manuscript edited unlimited times until you are satisfied.
About 75% of papers submitted to top journals are rejected. However, 22% of these rejected manuscripts are eventually published in a journal with an equal or higher impact factor than the journal initially targeted. Rejection Shield helps you tackle reviewers’ criticisms head-on, strengthen your manuscript, and make a compelling case to the journal reviewers.
You may feel the need to change your manuscript at any point of time for any number of reasons. Edit Unlimited gives you the complete peace of mind that you are free to make changes as many times as you wish.