Rewards Club

Exclusive Rewards Program for Researchers!

Earn more value for every order you place with Enago.

Welcome to Enago Rewards Club

For the first time ever, Enago presents a rewards program exclusively for researchers.
Earn reward points for each order you place, which you can redeem to avail our exclusive benefits.
These benefits keep increasing with every purchase with Enago.

Key Benefits

Email Editing (2,000 points)

Use this free service to get your most important emails edited by our experts, and create a lasting impact on your peers by communicating in flawless English.

Readability Score (Free)

You can check the Flesch Reading Ease score for your manuscript through which you can determine how easy or difficult your manuscript is to read.

Journal Finder (Free)

We use Machine Learning algorithms and AI-based programs to analyze your manuscript on more than 200 parameters to recommend the best journals.

Writing Style Assessment (Free)

This service will help you sharpen your writing skills and expand your vocabulary, enabling you to create impressive and engaging write-ups.


Place an order with Enago

Reward points accumulate based on purchase value

Login to 'My Dashboard' and click on 'Reward Club'

Check your reward points balance

Redeem your points to avail services

Here’s How to Earn and Spend Your Points


All existing clients of Enago are eligible to be a part of this program with the exception of those who are existing beneficiaries of university or publisher partnerships and those availing special pricing offers.

You can begin using Readability Score, Journal Finder and Writing Style Assessment services immediately. However, to avail Email Editing service, you need a minimum balance of 15,000 reward points in your account.

Your reward points never expire. If unused, they will always remain in your account to be used at your convenience.

Login to your My Enago dashboard and click on ‘Rewards Club’. You will be automatically directed to the Rewards Club portal, which will give you a brief overview of the program along with the various value-added services available. You will also be able to see a detailed and up-to-date account of your rewards points.

Your Email Editing request will be processed and delivered to you within 24 hours. All other services will give you the results on a real-time basis within seconds of making the request.

There is no upper limit on earning reward points.

Thank you for contacting Enago. We will reply to your question within 24 hours.

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