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Rewards Club

Exclusive Loyalty Rewards Program!

Earn reward points on every order and redeem them for upto 50% discount on your next order. Also, get access to exclusive AI-based research tools.

Get more value with Rewards Club

Through Rewards club you can get more out of every order. Here's how:

  • Earn 20 points for each dollar spent
  • Get a Bonus of 1,000 points on every order.
  • Points never expire, use them whenever you like.
  • Redeem your points for up to 50% off on your next order.

Categories & Benefits

Your Membership Status will depend on your previous year’s purchase records.

100 points = $0.25

Become a Gold Member by earning 150,000 points in one year.

100 points = $0.15

Become a Silver Member by earning 50,000 points in one year.

100 points = $0.1

Become a Bronze Member by earning up to 50,000 points in one year.

How it Works?

Place an order

Reward points accumulate based on purchase value

Login to 'My Dashboard' and click on 'Reward Club'

Check your reward points balance

Redeem your points to avail services

Redeem Points on a Single Click!

You can either enter the points you want to redeem or check “Use Maximum Points” to avail deduction in price on your order.

Exclusive access to Academic Services and AI-Based research tools

Email Editing (2,000 points)

Our experts will edit your emails for 2,000 points. You’ll need at least 15,000 points in your account to use this feature.

Readability Score (Free)

You can check the Flesch Reading Ease score for your manuscript through which you can determine how easy or difficult your manuscript is to read.

Journal Finder (Free)

We use Machine Learning algorithms and AI-based programs to analyze your manuscript on more than 200 parameters to recommend the best journals.

Writing Style Assessment (Free)

This service will help you sharpen your writing skills and expand your vocabulary, enabling you to create impressive and engaging write-ups.


If you’ve used Enago’s editing services, you can be a part of this program. However, the criteria for our University and Publication partners are different.

Once you collect a minimum balance of 15,000 points, you can start redeeming points for deduction in price and/or to use Journal Finder, and Readability Score and Writing Style Assessment.

Unused reward points remain saved in your balance for as long as you want. There is no expiration date for rewards points.

Enter your Reward Club Members' email id on the inquiry form; you’ll get the number of reward points available in your balance. You can redeem those points for fees deduction. To avail other benefits, login to ‘My Enago’ dashboard and click on ‘Rewards Club’ to access service portal. Here, you can access all the services listed along with checking your transaction history.

The processes and time to complete any editing services remain unaffected irrespective of the Rewards Club Membership.

Yes, Reward points are applicable for fees reduction even if you simultaneously choose to use discounts or coupon codes.

You can get a fee reduction up to 50% on each order.

Your membership category depends on your previous year's purchase records and floats in real-time. Except for the point to cash conversion rate, benefits remain the same.

Enago English editing experts will conduct thorough language check to help you confidently communicate with your international peers. We edit up to 500 words in each email.

You have to confirm rewards points to redeem when you place the order. Fees cannot be deducted once the order is confirmed.

Thank you for contacting Enago. We will reply to your question within 24 hours.

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