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BS in Physics

5+ years experience


This editor holds a major in physics with a minor in technical writing and astronomy from Missouri State University. He has authored and edited for journals such as Elsevier, Springer, SLCL, and Nature. He has worked as an Editor at Los Alamos National Laboratory and at B.I. Literary Services in the past.

Areas of expertise

Astrophysics, Observational astronomy, Gemology, Aerospace/aeronautical engineering, Materials engineering, Telecommunication engineering, Electronic, optical and magnetic materials, Nanomaterials, Accelerator physics, Acoustics, Astrophysics, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics, Fluid physics, Magnetism & electromagnetism, Medical physics, Newtonian dynamics, Nuclear and high-energy physics, Optics, Particle physics, Thermodynamics


BS, Physics, Missouri State University, USA

Work experience

General Manager, Lucas Technologies, LLC
Technical Writer/Editor, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Technical Editor, B.I. Literary Services
Chief Writer, Springfield Writing Service

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