BA in History
    8 + YearsUnited States


    This editor has 8 years of experience in editing manuscripts for journals including Eastern Economist and Ukraine Daily Report. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He has worked as an Editor at UDR and Eastern Economist in the past.

    Areas of expertise

    Artificial intelligence, Computer architecture, Computer communications (networks), Computer hardware, Computer networking, Computer security and reliability, Computer software, Data management, Data mining, Data structures, Distributed computing, Human-computer interaction, Information management, Information systems (business informatics), Multimedia, hypermedia, Computer engineering, Software engineering, Complex systems, Cybernetics, Systems engineering


    BA, History, University of California, Berkeley, USA

    Publication experience

    Eastern Economist, Ukraine Daily Report

    Work experience

    Technical Editor, Celenia Software
    Editor, UDR and Eastern Economist

    Affiliations / Memberships

    Editorial Freelancers Association
    Business and English Language Educator