BS in Materials Sci. & Engg. & Mechanical Engg.
    5 + YearsUnited States


    This editor has worked a Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation. He has also edited and peer reviewed for several other journals, including ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. He holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of California, Davis.


    Areas of expertise

    Energy, Energy conservation, Renewable energy/alternate sources, Aerospace/Aeronautical engineering, Materials engineering, Mechanical engineering, Nanoengineering, Nanotechnology, Optical engineering, Process engineering, Textile engineering, Thermal/refrigeration engineering, Environmental material sciences, Ceramics, Colloid & interface science, Composites, Electronic, optical and magnetic materials, Material characterization and instrumentation, Nanomaterials, Applied physics


    BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Davis, USA
    BS, Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Davis, USA

    Peer-review experience

    Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation, MRS Communications, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Advanced Materials, APS Spring Meeting, National Undergraduate Research Convention

    Work experience

    Peer Reviewer, Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation
    Consultant, Global PreScouter Scholars Program, Justin Duke
    Safety Chair, JHU Graduate Representative Organization