MS in Materials Science and Engineering
    5 + YearsUnited States


    This editor holds two master’s degrees in both Materials Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering, thereby is an experet in Materials Science, Chemistry, and Physics. He has edited technical documents for journals such as the Journal of Physical Chemistry, Solid State Ionics, and Acta Materialia.

    Areas of expertise

    Computational chemistry, Electrochemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Biomodeling, Electrical engineering, Engineering physics, Materials engineering, Process engineering, Biomaterial science, Ceramics, Electronic, optical and magnetic materials, Material characterization and instrumentation, Applied physics, Computational physics, Design of experiments


    MS, Materials Science and Engineering, Alfred University, USA
    MS, Electrical Engineering, Alfred University, USA
    BS, Physics, Western Washington University, USA

    Work experience

    Technical Specialist, Alfred University
    BIOS Technical Specialist, Alfred University
    Research Assistant, New York State College of Ceramics