Ph.D., Dean's Honour List, History
    20 + YearsCanada



    Areas of expertise

    Social Sciences, History, European Intellectual History, German History, Canadian History, Orthodox Theology, French History, History of the European Right, Age of Dictatorships, Cultural History of Europe, Historical Anthropology, Comparative Heortology, Comparative Heortology: Festivals of the World's Spiritual Traditions, Introduction to World Religions, Christian Social/Political Thought, Paul Tillich's Theology of Culture, Philosophy of Technique


    Ph.D., Dean's Honour List, History, McGill University, Montreal QC
    M.A., with distinction, History, McGill University, Montreal QC
    B.A. Joint Honours, History/German, McGill University, Montreal QC

    Publication experience

    Alexandre Marc et la Jeune Europe 1904-1934: L'Ordre Nouveau aux origines du personnalisme (Ph. D. dissertation), with an afterword by Thomas Keller: " Le personnalisme de l'entre-deux-guerres entre l'Allemagne et la France ", Nice, Presses d'Europe, 1999.
    \n Traditional Festivals. A Multicultural Encyclopedia. 2 vols. Santa Barbara, CA, ABC-Clio, 2005 ; publisher catalogue description
    \n Bruce Elder’s Book of All the Dead (booklet to accompany a film retrospective at Cinematheque Ontario). Toronto, Image Art Press (of Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts, as its first publication), 2008.

    Work experience

    Full-time Freelance Translator
    Researcher/Translator (Theology, Philosophy), Université Laval, Quebec City, G1K 7P4 CANADA
    Researcher (French History), Centre international de formation européenne, Nice
    Hoover Fellow in Applied Ethics, Luk Bouckaert (Economics), Research, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)
    Researcher (French History), Concordia University, Montreal
    Cataloguer of Slavic Books, McGill University, Montreal

    Affiliations / Memberships

    The Geological Society of America Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland