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PhD, Chemistry

5+ years experience


He is a medical/scientific editor and proofreader and clinical research associate. He is a certified nurse and emergency medical technician with numerous publications under his name. He has worked in clinical research projects as well as basic science projects with direct clinical implications and collaborated with scientists from top universities and research institutes.

Areas of expertise



PhD, Chemistry, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
BS, Chemistry, UCCS, Colorado Springs, CO

Publication experience

Photophysics of Thermally-Assisted Photobleaching in “Giant” Quantum Dots Revealed in Single Nanocrystals. ACS Nano 2018, 12 (5), 4206-4217.
Turning Off Blinking for Two Colors: Using Shape Control to Stabilize Multiexciton Emission in CdSe/CdS Tetrapods. Nature Communications 2017, 8 (15083). †Equal Contribution
Design of a Hole Trapping Ligand. Nano Letters 2017, 17 (2), 909–914.
Interplay of Structural and Compositional Effects on Carrier Recombination in Mixed-Halide Perovskites. RSC Advances 2016, 6, 86947–86954.
Quantum Yield Heterogeneity among Single Nonblinking Quantum Dots Revealed by Atomic Structure-Quantum Optics Correlation. ACS Nano 2016, 10 (2), 1960–1968.
Electrical Control of Near Field Energy Transfer between 0D Quantum Dots and 2D Semicon- ductors. Nano Letters 2015, 15 (7), 4374–4380.
Corre- lation of Atomic Structure and Photoluminescence of the Same Quantum Dot: Pin- pointing Surface and Internal Defects That Inhibit Photoluminescence. ACS Nano 2015, 9 (1), 831–839.
Elimination of Hole- Surface Overlap in Graded CdSxSe1-x Nanocrystals Revealed by Ultrafast Fluores- cence Upconversion Spectroscopy. ACS Nano 2014, 8 (10), 10665–10673.

Certificates and awards

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Virginia
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Virginia
Graduate Fellowship
Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (VINSE)
University Graduate Fellowship
Vanderbilt University
Outstanding Graduate in Chemistry
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
UCCS Undergraduate Research Enhancement Grant
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Congressional Award Gold Medalist

Work experience

Clinical Research Associate, Carilion Clinic, Roanoke, VA
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
Graduate Research Assistant, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Undergraduate Research Assistant, UCCS, Colorado Springs, CO

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