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PhD in Bioinorganic Chemistry

8+ years experience


This editor has over 8 years of experience in writing and editing manuscripts in Chemistry. She holds a doctorate from the University of Nottingham and a first class honours in Chemistry in her bachelor’s degree from the University of Durham.

Areas of expertise

Analytical chemistry, Applied chemistry, Biochemistry, Coordination chemistry, Electrochemistry, Environmental chemistry, Geochemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Marine chemistry, Natural products chemistry, Organic chemistry, Organometallic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Solid state chemistry, Spectroscopy Structural chemistry, Environmental science, Geochemistry, Renewable energy/alternate sources, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Chemical engineering, Environmental material sciences, Biomaterial science, Polymer science and engineering, Biophysics, Medical physics


PhD, Bioinorganic Chemistry, University of Nottingham, UK
BSc, Chemistry(Honours), University of Durham, UK

Work experience

Account Director, Langland
Project Manager, Medical Action Communications
Medical Projects Co-ordinator, Medical Action Communications
Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Nottingham

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