MS in Zoology
    10 + YearsUnited States


    This editor has 10 years of experience in editing manuscripts for journals including Wiley-Blackwell. He holds a master’s degree from the Rutgers University. He is a member of the American Copy Editors Society. He has worked as a Copy Editor at Wiley-Blackwell and at Victory Marketing Group, Inc. in the past.

    Areas of expertise

    Forestry, Botany, Cancer research, Cetology, Ethology, Mammalogy, Ornithology, Zoology, Conservation (habitat, wildlife, species, water), Ecology, Forensic criminalistics, Pharmacodynamics, Anthropology, Archeology, Naturopathy, General medicine, General surgery, Healthcare policies/economics, Oncology, Veterinary medicine


    MS, Zoology, Rutgers University, USA
    BS, Biology, Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA

    Publication experience


    Work experience

    Copy Editor, Victory Marketing Group, Inc.
    Copy Editor, Wiley-Blackwell
    Medicare Hearing Officer, Q2 Administrators, LLC
    Medicare Hearing Officer, Pinnacle Business Solutions, Inc.
    Copywriter/Editor/Proofreader, Rabbit
    Technical Editor, Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc.

    Affiliations / Memberships

    American Copy Editors Society