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May 2018

G-Med Partners with Enago to offer Medical Publication Services

Creating publication-ready manuscripts just got easier for members of G-Med’s physician network

May 2, 2018, New York: G-Med, a global medical and social network for physicians, today announced its new partnership with Enago, an internationally recognized author services provider. Leveraging Enago’s extensive expertise in manuscript preparation and submission services, G-Med members can now avail of a suite of publication-specific services comprising Substantive Medical Editing and Developmental Medical Editing services.

Under this collaboration, Enago’s expert medical consultants will work with physicians, surgeons and doctors on the G-Med network to convert their data into impactful, publication-ready manuscripts. This will allow them to focus on the rigors of their medical practices while simultaneously being recognized as published authors.

G-med is the world’s largest online medical community, enabling over 120,000 physicians across 50 countries in 60 different specializations to collaborate for mutual success. A globally unique platform, it facilitates true medical crowdsourcing via real-time peer-to-peer consultation. Community members can also use G-Med’s proprietary technology solutions, like the Live Video Collaboration Tools, to enhance the joint decision making process around a patient’s case. Enago is a global leader in the manuscript editing and publication support space. Since its inception in 2005, Enago has enabled over 100,000 authors, including those from multiple medical disciplines, to successfully publish quality research in high-impact international journals.

“We are delighted to partner with Enago and provide our members with additional benefits for sharing and consulting difficult patient cases,” said Ilan Ben-Ezri, CEO of G-Med. “G-Med users now have the means to create original, publication-ready research manuscripts based on each case they share with other G-Med members. Preparing and publishing a manuscript is an effort-intensive and a time-consuming process, especially for busy practicing physicians, and we believe Enago’s services will play a significant role in helping these doctors build their published author profiles, while allowing them to focus on their clinical practices as well.”

“Enago is proud to be associated with G-Med, an organization that plays a critical role in allowing members of the medical community to seamlessly collaborate and globally network within the same space,” said Rajiv Shirke, VP Global Operations, Enago. “We completely understand the professional challenges facing physicians today, and through our partnership, we are excited to help them carve their niche as published authors and get published in high-impact medical journals.”


About Enago (

Enago is a trusted name in author services for the global research community. Founded in 2005, we have worked with over 100,000 researchers in more than 125 countries improving the communication of their research and helping them to achieve success in publication. Enago Academy, the author education arm of Enago, addresses emerging needs of early-stage researchers by providing publication-intensive training resources via different digital platforms and onsite workshops. Enago operates globally with regional teams supporting researchers and institutions locally. We have offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, and New York.


About G-Med (

G-Med is a global medical crowdsourcing and online networking platform, exclusively for physicians. Connecting 120,000+ physicians from 50+ countries, belonging to 60 different medical specialties, it is the largest online medical community of its kind. It is also the only platform that combines Global Physicians Social Network and Advanced Live Video Collaboration technology. G-Med lets physicians share and comment on each other’s clinical cases, discuss specialty updates and participate in expert panels, thereby enabling real-time collaboration between medical professionals.


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