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May 2015

Crimson exhibits at CSE Annual Meeting 2015 from May 16-18 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The keynote speaker for this year’s meeting was G. Sayeed Choudhury, The Research Data Revolution.

Crimson Interactive was an exhibitor at the Annual Meeting of the Council of Science Editors (CSE) held in Philadelphia, May 16-18. This year’s meeting had around 500 attendee’s from the global scholarly community and included visitors from South America, Europe and Asia. The theme of this year’s meeting was Dynamic Variables: Solving the new Editing/Publishing Equation.

The keynote speaker for this year’s meeting was G. Sayeed Choudhury, The Research Data Revolution. His presentation revolved around the concept that data represents a new frontier as they are largely field- and instrument-specific, which means their sharing and conservation are a larger challenge. The amount of data is exploding every year and funding bodies are beginning to suggest policies for data sharing and retention for their grantees. With these challenges, publishers have vast opportunities to help establish standards for curation, preservation and reproducibility.

Also, Clive Thompson provided the Plenary address and his topic was The Future of Thought. Mr. Thompson gave a very good talk about how online communication tools are changing the way people think. He discussed his research into the new ways that everyday people learn about the world, form ideas, and share them. He also discussed the "audience effect" about how everyday "thinking out loud" changes the nature of our ideas, and about the new literacies of video and photography. This session provided an excellent overview for anyone wanting to understand the way that science news travels and is discussed by today's connected readers.

This year, Crimson supported the meeting by being a part of the Program Committee, and moderated the session, Self-Publishing or Contract Publishing: Understanding the Advantages of Both. This was a session designed to provide insight into the reasons a publisher might consider moving to a commercial publisher and also the reasons for considering self-publishing and the thought process for both.

There were many excellent presentations that were pertinent to STM publishers throughout the meeting. Those included topics such as

  • Preparing a Manuscript when English is a Second Language
  • Managing Journals in a Global Context
  • Emerging Standards: Data and Data Exchange in Scholarly Publishing
  • Capturing the Production of Mathematical Content
  • Different Forms of Peer Review
  • Starting New Open Access Journals
  • Data Availability Policies: How do We Check Compliance

Overall, we felt it was an excellent meeting with many opportunities to interact with the STM publishing community to better understand the evolving challenges they face. Crimson will continue to support the STM publishing community by supporting groups like CSE as we were a member of the conference committee putting together the sessions.

To learn more about how Crimson Interactive can help your author community and publishing program achieve their goals, please contact us at

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