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Increase Your Chances of Publication Success with Enago’s Author Services

Publishing a manuscript can be a complicated process, but Enago can simplify it for you. We offer high-quality editing by native English-speaking subject experts to enhance your chances of publication success. Our experts will assist you at each stage of your publication journey and ensure that your manuscript adheres to your desired journal's guidelines. You can leverage the benefits provided by Enago's end-to-end author support services in order to save valuable time and effort and get published in international journals. Getting published in high-impact factor journals will also help increase your university’s research output and impact.

Our Editing Services

Researchers and faculty staff can choose from 3 levels of editing services


Research authors that require only a basic round of language and grammar checks should select Enago’s Language Check editing service. This rapid service includes a high quality top-level review of content for clarity, accuracy and readability by an expert academic editor.


Enago’s Copyediting service is designed for researchers who require a 100% Language Accuracy on their manuscripts. This two-stage process, carried out by an expert editor and proofreader, covers everything from spelling and grammar to accuracy, including adherence to journal guidelines.


Substantive Editing, Enago’s premium service, focuses both on the English language and on overall presentation, logical flow, and structure. It is matched with our highest ranking, and most experienced academic editors and offers additional quality assurances including 365 days unlimited editing.


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Publication Support

Research Publication Solutions to Help You Publish Your Manuscript in International English Journals.

Pre-Submission Peer review

Reviewers with specialized knowledge in your field of study will review your paper section by section to pinpoint areas for improvement and provide suggestions. Our team of peer reviewers have experience reviewing manuscripts for reputed international English journals such as Nature, Science, Cell, Cell Biology, The Lancet, PNAS, etc. Key elements of your paper are reviewed such as:

  • Soundness of study design
  • Significance to field
  • Ethical soundness
  • Sufficiency of data analysis
  • Clarity of presentation
  • Adequacy of literature review

Journal Selection Assistance

Maximize your chances of publication by letting Enago match you with the 3-5 most appropriate journals for your particular research and requirements. Our team of experts holds extensive experience in peer reviewing and editing for international journals in your field of study. Journal are recommended based on following factors:

  • Scope of study
  • Target journal type (scope, focus, etc.)
  • Urgency to publish
  • Urgency to publish
  • Accessibility features (open access, print only, etc.)
  • Type of article
  • Significance of article in its field of specialty

Manuscript Submission Assistance

Whether it is a doctoral submission or new research, academics face a number of challenges when submitting their work to journals, from complicated formatting and submission instructions to urgent deadlines. We will assist the authors by:

  • Preparing a submission checklist to collect important information
  • Sending all the necessary forms on which your signatures may be required
  • Finalizing the files for submission once we receive all information
  • Completing the journal submission process—online or offline

Plagiarism Check

Enago’s Advanced Plagiarism Check service (powered by iThenticate) helps you identify areas in your manuscript that might be flagged as plagiarism. Using advanced plagiarism software, we

  • scan and check the originality of your copy
  • provide you a report which highlights any such instances
  • deliver the report within just 1 business day
  • accept all file formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, Latex, etc.

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End-to-end support by Enago to make your manuscript ready for publication.


Submit for Editing

Researcher submits manuscript for editing


Edit and Deliver

Enago edits and delivers paper to researcher


Author Review

Researcher reviews file & discusses under Enago’s Q&A service


Author ↔ Editor Q&A

Enago edits as required & delivers publication-ready manuscript


Submit to Journal

Researcher submits manuscript to journal


Reviewer’s Response

Researcher receives reviewer comment


Unlimited Editing

Researcher submits any edits to Enago under manuscript insurance


Submission Ready

Enago edits and delivers publication-ready manuscript