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Submitting your manuscript to a professional editing service can make all the difference between acceptance and rejection by your journal. Manuscript editing gives you a paper that’s not just free of language errors, but also a well-structured and presentable paper that enhances readability and conforms to your target journal’s format guidelines.

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The main step when it comes to formatting your manuscript is to look for the standards mandated by your target journal. Manuscripts that don’t adhere to prescribed guidelines are often returned without review.

Go the journal website and find a page that provides for “instructions to authors” or “formatting guidelines.”
Check if the journal provides a template. If yes, download the template and apply the styles of the template to your manuscript.

If no template is provided, follow the instructions mentioned on the page with respect to aspects like line spacing, font face, font size, margins, page setup etc.

The journal may also follow a standard industry style guide (APA, AMA, CMS etc.) If yes, you may find one in a research library. If you don’t have access to libraries, check online resources that provide information on industry style guides.

If there aren’t any instructions at all regarding manuscript formatting on the journal website, you can also choose to look at articles already published within the journal to see the formatting standards followed there and emulate them.

In case you are unable to find any resources at all, try approaching a professional service like Enago to format your manuscript for you.

Manuscript formatting is of utmost importance as it is a basic requirement of publishers, reviewers, editors and agents before they process journal submission. Manuscript formatting stands as an aspect of instructional designing that makes the manuscript easier to review and assess. The most important aspects of formatting a manuscript involve the overall presentation and framework, title page information, reference patterns and abstract arrangement.

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