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Attract Global Readership with Enago Editing Services

Whether you have just completed drafting your future bestseller or you are struggling to frame your query letter to your literary agent, our highly qualified book editing services will transform your words into perfection. Our professional book editors and proofreaders work with manuscripts targeted for traditional publishers or self-publishing services. You can leverage the benefits of these services along with the subject expertise of our skilled editors to make your book publication ready.


Authors can choose from 3 levels of editing services


Enago specializes in providing book Proofreading services that optimize the readability and accuracy of the content. All our proofreaders are highly professional individuals with years of experience in proofreading books. Submit your final manuscript and Enago proofreaders will thoroughly check it for errors related to grammar and punctuation. If any problems are discovered, they will be corrected and flagged to you.

Language Editing – Standard

This service is designed for authors who require higher language accuracy in their books. This two-stage editing process, carried out by a subject-matter expert editor and a professional language expert, covers everything from basic copy editing (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.) to larger, overall elements of your manuscript such as readability and formatting.

Language Editing – Premium

This is our top-tier premium service that specifically caters to the needs of quality-conscious book authors looking to improve global readership through extensive enhancements made our expert editors. This service covers all aspects of the Standard Language Editing service. Additionally, it covers advanced editing components like logic, structure, and presentation of your manuscript.


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End-to-end support by Enago to make your book ready for publication.


Submit for Editing

Author submits manuscript for editing


Edit and Deliver

Enago edits and delivers manuscript to author


Author Review

Author reviews file & discusses under Enago’s Q&A service


Author ↔ Editor Q&A

Enago edits as required & delivers publication-ready manuscript


Submit to Publisher

Author submits manuscript to publisher


Publisher’s Response

Author receives comments from publisher


Unlimited Editing

Author submits any edits to Enago under manuscript insurance


Publication Ready

Enago edits and delivers publication-ready manuscript