Five Reasons You Should Hire a Professional English Editor

    Writing is a skill that takes many years of practice to acquire. Even with years of practice, some people still find writing very difficult for them. Anyone who works in academia as a researcher knows the importance of writing well, as publishing research is an essential part of your career. What can you do if you aren’t great at writing but need to write and publish your work? What if English isn’t your native language but you need to write and publish in international journals? The answer is a skilled language editor.

    Who is a language editor? While anyone can call themselves a language editor, professional language editors have a specific set of skills that make them invaluable when it comes to revising and editing your writing to make it publication-ready. Read on to learn why you should hire a language editor to help you improve your chances of publication.

    • Reason 1: Grammar and Spelling Mistakes Will Make Your Writing Hard to Read

    Many people, especially those just starting out in their academic careers, may think that minor mistakes in language or grammar aren’t a big deal. After all, if your meaning is clear enough, what’s the harm in not being perfect? In fact, even minor mistakes can convey the impression of poor writing and lack of professionalism. Many articles submitted to journals for publication are rejected right away because of poor writing quality. Non-native English speakers in particular may use words incorrectly, which could alter the meaning of what you are trying to say. Don’t think native English speakers are perfect though— English editors are still necessary for native English speakers writing in English! Some people think that any native English speaker can be an English editor, but plenty of English native speakers are poor writers and worse editors. Editing is a skill that is acquired over time, just like writing.

    Even if you use the right words, readers find it difficult to read writing that has many spelling and grammatical errors. It takes more work to understand what the writer wants to say if the writing is full of mistakes. Writers who don’t use any language editor at all, not even a spell checking function on their computers, are likely to have their writing rejected, no matter how good the research is! It’s simply a fact that the best research will be dismissed or rejected for publication if the writing quality is bad, and that’s the first reason you need to hire an English editor.

    • Reason 2: A Language Editor Saves You Time

    If you are trying to finish your writing on a schedule, a language editor can be a critical time saver! There’s no need for you to painstakingly proofread your work and revise for hours. If you use an English editing service, the English editors there will professionally handle these tedious tasks for you, saving you time and frustration. If you aren’t sure where to look for English editing services, there are a number of companies online that cater to different types of requirements. Academic English editing services often hire subject-matter experts, so you don’t need to stress about whether the language editor will understand the technical content of your paper. Whether you’re writing a medical text or a paper on ancient Burmese history, professional English editing services will have the subject-matter expert you need to properly review your writing and provide you with high-quality English editing services.

    • Reason 3: A Professional Language Editor Improves Your Writing

    A professional English editor doesn’t just save you time and fix your typos. A good English editor can improve your writing quality significantly. When you review the changes they’ve made to your work, you can learn how to be a better writer. Your own mistakes are difficult to see, and it’s even more difficult to figure out how to refine and clarify your own writing. If you hire a language editor, they can do it for you, shortening long passages, adding in words for clarity, and pointing out weak sections in your paper. After a professional language editor or English editing service has reviewed your paper, you will be amazed at how much room for improvement in your writing there was!

    • Reason 4: A Professional English Editor Increases Your Chances of Publication

    Any academic, researcher, or scientist knows that publish or perish is a real, if unfortunate, reality of the world. Publication is an essential part of advancing your career. If your writing quality is so low that you are rejected from academic journals, this can become a serious professional setback. Hiring an English editor to revise your work and prepare it for publication will give you a real edge over those who choose to edit their own work (or skip editing altogether!). English editing services specifically for journal editing not only can help refine your writing and check your grammar and spelling but can also make sure that your article properly cites all of your sources and follows the required format of the journal where you are submitting your work. By hiring a language editor before submitting your writing to an academic journal, your chances of publication increase.

    • Reason 5: Language Editors Help Develop Your Projects

    A good professional English editor can be hard to find, but when you have found one, they can help you develop a variety of projects. Whether you want their help as you continue writing about your research, or need an editor for a conference presentation, resume/CV, or something else, English editors are versatile. They can work with you to develop whatever writing you need. If you gave trouble finding the specific type of language editor that you want for your project, English editing services offer a variety of options and will do the hard work of finding a good English editor for you.

    So whether you’re a young academic new to the world of writing, a non-native English speaker writing for an international audience, or a seasoned researcher, a professional English editor can help you perfect your writing and increase your chances of publication. Use a professional English editing service or hire a language editor to make sure that your writing is the highest quality it can be.