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                        Top Impact Editing is a premium service designed to offer a superlative level of scientific editing, English language check and review report. This service focuses on supporting authors in publishing their research in the top-ranking high impact factor journals. Eminent scientific and editing professionals from the research and publishing industry, personally work on your paper to make it ready for publication in top journals, while complying with the respective journal’s requirement. Top Impact Editing service provides you top notch scientific writing guidance to help you publish your paper.

Nature* Editor Check:

In addition, your research paper also goes through a rigorous quality check by Editors/Reviewers of Nature (who previously worked at Nature). The Nature* editor provides recommendations in the form of comments, to enhance the quality of the research. The expert gives additional advice to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from this service.

Who can avail this?

Authors who aim to successfully
publish in top-ranking high
impact factor
Authors who wish feedback
from distinguished reviewers before
Authors seeking a rigorous
QA (By Nature* Editor)

Key Features of Top Impact Editing

Scientific and Developmental Editing

In-depth Scientific and Developmental Editing along with English proofreading

Top Impact Report

Top Impact Manuscript Health Report covering critical aspects

Nature* Editor Check

Personalized Quality Assurance Check from a Nature* editor

Support and Guidance

Complete proofreading for 365 days until publication

ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certified company

We adhere to the highest standards of information security, client confidentiality, and trust. Your manuscript is your most important asset and we will always treat it with the greatest integrity.

Expert Profiles

Top journal editors/reviewers

Expert QA editors

Service Deliverables

Scientific Developmental Editing

This is the main stage of the Top Impact Editing process. A professional developmental editor specializing in the science of your paper will undertake this round of editing, providing practical suggestions and advice. The editor will look into the following aspects in detail.

  • Overall structure, organization, focus, clarity, flow and description of the scientific argument.
  • How well your arguments and conclusion reflect and address your central research question.
  • Work on sections that are too brief, unnecessarily long or ineffective in their communication.
  • Clarity, suitability and effectiveness of supporting materials and supplementary information.

Language Review

  • Language editing - redundancies, non-academic tone, wordiness, triteness, weak sentence style.

Top Impact Report

You shall receive a report created by a top reviewer in the publishing industry:

  • Feedback on the critical gaps identified and fixed during the editing process together with journal suitability check if the target journal is specified.
  • Insightful comments that are similar to the approach taken by journal editors, peer reviewers and readers in reviewing your work.
  • Simple but genuine advice for improving your writing in the future.
  • Section by section analysis and next steps.

Nature* Editor Check

Top Feature - Check by Nature Editors

Your paper will be sent to a Nature* editor/reviewer, who will adhere to the quality standards set by top ranking journals. This expert checks the paper again in detail and provides recommendations in the form of comments to enhance the quality of the research. The expert gives additional advice to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from this service.

After-Sales Services - Top Impact Editing

Rejection Shield

Rejection Shield

Rejection Shield will help you with journal revision. The scientific editor will help you respond to peer-reviewer comments and prepare your manuscript for resubmission. If you wish to submit your paper to a different journal, we will format it according to the new journal requirements and prepare a fresh cover letter. Use this service unlimited times (365 Days).

The Enago Promise

The Enago Promise

Enago Promise guarantees that a manuscript edited by us will never be rejected on the basis of poor language. Our stringent systems and processes, professional experts, and in-house quality management system help us in delivering this promise to our authors. On a rare occasion if rejection occurs, we will take full responsibility for re-editing the paper for resubmission at no additional cost.

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A lets you ask unlimited questions you have within 365 days to the scientific editor and the *Nature editor who has worked on your manuscript. They will address any doubts you may have about the services. You can also reply to the editor’s remarks in your manuscript. Based on your replies, the editor may make further changes to the manuscript and deliver the manuscript.

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Steps for Author


STEP1The author will share the main manuscript and journal information.
STEP2The scientific editing process is then assigned to the best matched developmental editor specifically suited for the science in your paper.
STEP3The developmental editor focuses on the content in the manuscript and edits it to objectively justify the implications of the research.
STEP4An expert conducts English proofreading to ensure that the paper does not have language errors.
STEP5The editor prepares a detailed report that adheres to the quality standards while sharing feedback on issues identified in your writing and analysis for improvements.
STEP6A cover letter is created for journal submission effectively worded to work in your favor.
STEP7Nature* Editor Check”: In the final stage, the manuscript is comprehensively reviewed by a QA editor from Nature providing additional edits and feedback.

Delivery and Pricing

10% discount for new clients
Service Scientific Editing Quality Assurance (QA)
Delivery Option Express Standard Express Standard
Price $0.30 USD/Word $0.20 USD/Word $0.30 USD/Word $0.20 USD/Word
Turnaround Time 4 business days 6 business days 7 business days 10 business days
  • The price table above is for a manuscript with fewer than 4,000 words. If you have a manuscript with more than 4,000 words, please fill-up the quotation form in order to get a customized quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the background and specialization of your expert editors?

Our panels of editors are academic experts with over 10 years of experience in reviewing scientific manuscripts and performing detailed proofreading, ensuring your research is aptly communicated and well-understood by a wider audience of the research community. We have 2000+ PhD editors specialized in research areas, including Medical Science, Life Science, Engineering, Social Science and Clinical Trials.

What is the difference between Copy Editing, Substantive Editing and Top Impact Editing services?

Each of our services is distinctive and provides varied editorial-cum-research support–

  • Copy Editing – In this service, the manuscript is put through a meticulous language check to correct for errors related to language, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Substantive Editing – In addition to Copy Editing benefits, this service covers logical, structural and presentation aspects of your manuscript. It is best suited for quality-conscious authors looking to submit their work to high-impact peer-reviewed international journals.
  • Top Impact Editing – This is a completely tailored service for authors that provides a combination of developmental content and language editing by the best experts, along with the option of an additional round of quality assurance check performed by Nature* editors/reviewers.

Do you guarantee successful acceptance of my manuscript to the desired target journal?

No. We do not guarantee the acceptance of the paper by the journal as it is an autonomous decision by the journal based on their discretion. However, we commit that our top impact editing service by top journal expert editors will make every attempt to strengthen the manuscript thoroughly, thereby improving the chances of success in publishing with the target journal.

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*The trademark of Nature belongs to Springer Nature Limited. This service is not provided by Nature and there is no affiliation with Nature. When we mention Nature editor we mean former editors of Nature” who work in an Independent capacity with us to provide this service. This service does not assure that your paper will get published with Nature or any other Journal.

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