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ID: MB434

MBChB (Hons) in Medicine

10+ years experience


This editor has over 10 years of experience in editing and peer reviewing for a medical CME organization—Doctors’ Support Network. He has worked as a Peer reviewer at InnovAIT in the past. He is a member of the General Medical Council and Doctors’ Support Network.

Areas of expertise

Alternative medicine, Meditation, Nutritional-based therapies, Biomedical research (Experimental medicine), Chest medicine, Critical/Intensive medicine, Emergency medicine, Epidemiology, Gastroenterology, General medicine, General surgery, Geriatrics & Gerontology, Public health management/administration, Healthcare policies/economics, Intensive/Critical medicine, Internal medicine, Medical technology, Nursing, Geriatric nursing, Pediatric nursing, Nutrition, Obstetrics, Palliative medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Veterinary Medicine


MBChB, Medicine(Honors), University Of Liverpool, UK

Peer-review experience


Work experience

Executive editor, Doctors’ Support Network
Peer Reviewer, InnovAIT

Affiliations / Memberships

General Medical Council (GMC)
Doctors’ Support Network (DSN)

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