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ID: MB1726

PhD, Optical Medical Imaging

5+ years experience


He is a medical editor and reviewer with a passion for scientific research and communication. He is a published author and has been named the inventor on two pending patent applications in the field of medical robotics.

Areas of expertise

Cell Culture, Cell Culture, Optics, Human Biology


PhD in Optical Medical Imaging, University of Edinburgh
MSc Diabetes, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
BSc (Hons) Human Biology, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Publication experience

Probing Phospholipid-Microbubbles by Atomic Force Microscopy to Quantify Bubble Mechanics and Nanostructural Shell Properties. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces (2019),

Certificates and awards

Winner of best poster award at Leeds Microbubble Symposium, Leeds I 2016.

Work experience

Freelance Medical Editor
Business Analyst, Miraki Innovation
Assistant Lecturer, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
STEM Ambassador, Science Connects

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