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PhD, Biochemistry

10+ years experience


He is a scientific writer and editor with extensive experience in editing PhD theses and publications. He is a published author with 9 publications under his name. He has wide research experience and has served as a scientist in multiple biotech companies.

Areas of expertise

Oncology and autoimmune diseases, Structural biology and biophysical analysis of proteins, Genomic and proteomic bioinformatic analysis, molecular biology, Microbiology and virology.


PhD, Biochemistry, University of Auckland, NZ
MSc, Biotechnology, University of East Anglia, UK
BSc, Honours Microbiology, University of Kent, UK

Publication experience

Poxviral ankyrin proteins. 2015; Viruses 7(2):709-38.
The importance of RT-qPCR primer design for the detection of siRNA-mediated mRNA silencing. 2011; BMC Research Notes, 4: 148.
The potency of siRNA-mediated growth inhibition following silencing of essential genes is dependent on siRNA design and varies with target sequence. 2009; Oligonucleotides, 19(4): 317-328.
A rapid and sensitive method to detect siRNA-mediated mRNA cleavage in vivo using 5’RACE and a Molecular Beacon probe.2009; Nucleic Acid Research, 38(3): e19.
A study of the physiology of Bacillus anthracis Sterne during manufacture of the UK acellular anthrax vaccine. 2007; J. Appl. Microbiol., 103(5): 1453-60.
Preparation of protection antigen (Bacillus anthracis). Patent: US20120045794. Priority date: June 2004.
The development of Clostridium difficile genetic systems. 2004; Anaerobe, 10(2): 75-84.
Gene transfer into Clostridium difficile CD630 and characterisation of its methylase genes. 2003; FEMS Microbiol. Lett., 229(1): 103-10.
Conjugative transfer of clostridial shuttle vectors from Escherichia coli to Clostridium difficile through circumvention of the restriction barrier. 2002; Mol. Microbiol., 46(2): 439-52.
Expression and purification of catalytically active, non-toxic endopeptidase derivatives of Clostridium botulinum toxin type A. 2002; Protein Expr. Purif., 25(2): 219-28.

Work experience

Online freelance editor and proofreader
Postdoc Scientist, Caldera Health Ltd, Auckland, NZ.
Postdoc Scientist, Innate Immunotherapeutics Ltd, Auckland, NZ.
PhD Student, School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland, NZ.

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