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PhD, Biomedicine

5+ years experience


She has 5 years of editorial experience with a specialization in Biomedicine. She has extensive experience in editing manuscripts and book chapters, and writing articles and primary literature. She has published 5 medical research papers so far.

Areas of expertise

Biomedicine, Ecology and Evolution, Biology and Chemistry


Doctor of Philosophy, Biomedicine, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Master of Science, Ecology and Evolution, Florida State University
Bachelor of Science, Biology and Chemistry, Florida State University

Publication experience

2018. Selection in the introgressed regions of the chimpanzee genome. Genome Biology and Evolution, Volume 10, Issue 4, Pages 1132 – 1138.
2019. A multivariate genome-wide association study of wing shape in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics, Volume 211, Issue 4, Pages 1429 – 1447.
A machine learning approach to detecting adaptive selection in Chimpanzees. In Review, NAR Genomics.
Screening for positive selection signals on the X Chromosome in human populations. In Review, Genome Biology and Evolution.
Estimating conformational traits in dairy cattle with DeepAPS: a two-step Deep learning Automated Phenotyping and Segmentation approach.
In Review, Frontiers in Genetics.

Certificates and awards

NIH predoctoral stipend | August 2011
Best Oral Presentation at Graduate Research Symposium | February 2012
Arthur B. Moss International Travel Grant | July 2013
Wellcome Trust Student Bursary | July 2013
FI AGAUR predoctoral grant | January 2015
Best Oral Presentation at Advanced Computational Biology | November 2020

Work experience

Freelance Medical Writer and Editor

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