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PhD, Bioscience

6+ years experience


He has 6 years of professional experience, with 4 years of specific experience in writing and editing research manuscripts for publication in international peer-reviewed journals. He has worked for journals such as PLoS One, Apidogie, and Invertebrate Neuroscience, providing expert opinion on manuscripts and giving constructive feedback to scientific authors. He has experience of working to the highest possible standard as a freelance editor - proofreading and restructuring life sciences articles written by ESL authors.

Areas of expertise

Bioscience, Bioinformatics & Computational Systems Biology, Zoology


PhD in Bioscience, University of Exeter, UK
MSc in Bioinformatics & Computational Systems Biology, Newcastle University, UK
BSc in Zoology, Newcastle University, UK

Work experience

Freelance Editor
Teacher, Ark Tindal Primary Academy, Birmingham, UK

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