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April 2020

Enago Continues To Sponsor COVID-19 Research Publication Worldwide

Researchers working tirelessly on the Coronavirus pandemic will continue to have access to free editing services for COVID-19 research papers throughout April

April 09, 2020, New York - Enago began offering free services for all COVID-19 research in early February and has been instrumental in aiding a significant number of researchers to accelerate their research publication, with the hope of contributing toward a COVID-19 vaccine or cure. Over the past two months, we have assisted many dedicated scientists by providing free editing and translation services, along with publication assistance to accelerate their submission process.

Considering the rapid escalation in COVID-19 infections and casualties worldwide in March, we have now extended our free editing offer until April 30, 2020. Like most of the world, we are witnessing its impact. Our global workforce is operating from their homes with the same commitment to helping authors publish their work. Thanks to our agile process, we are able to keep the same stringent quality standard and our promises to authors.  

“We are committed to the global fight against COVID-19,” states Enago CEO, Sharad Mittal. “Enago stands by researchers in this hour of need. There has never been a time when research publication is more vital. As medical research institutes and pharmaceutical companies worldwide accelerate their efforts toward mitigating this global health crisis, we are determined to help with what we do best-providing world-class language services.”

The virus has no regard for borders. Enago will keep easing language barriers for research authors worldwide so that we could come together and find a solution to this challenge of our generation. 

About Enago (

Headquartered in New York, USA, Enago is a global leader in consulting and language services with the objective of fast-tracking researchers toward publication success. Our global workforce of 3000+ scientists, researchers, linguists, software developers, project managers, and publishing industry veterans have unmatched knowledge and experience in a wide range of highly specialized disciplines. Utilizing its unparalleled expertise in linguistics, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, Enago has developed a dynamic portfolio of custom-designed language and publication support services and cutting-edge AI products that facilitate researchers to publish in high-impact journals swiftly.

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