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April 2014

Interviews with Prof. Ching-Chi Chi and the Chief Doctor of Tungs’ Taichung Hospital at the Crimson’s 2nd Seminar in the Series of Seminars in Taiwan.

Our second seminar on “How to write an academic paper” was held at Tungs’ Taichung Hospital, Taiwan on April 18, 2014. Professor Ching-Chi Chi, the Director of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chiayi City, was the keynote speaker at this seminar, which saw a participation of over 70 doctors and researchers from the hospital.

Similar to our first seminar, this seminar covered the major aspects of academic writing and gave us the opportunity to interview Prof. Ching-Chi Chi and the Chief Doctor of Tungs’ Taichung Hospital on their perspective of the academic publishing industry and other related topics—the participating researchers learned a lot!

During the interview, the Professor, who has published over 50 academic papers, advised researchers on various research methods and gave tips on how to get a paper published. He emphasized the importance of working on international projects in a researcher's career as well as stressed on the benefits and challenges faced by researchers while collaborating internationally. He also advised researchers to aim for publication in the best academic journals. 

Since publishing in English is a major concern amongst most ESL authors, he advised how researchers can overcome language obstacles, and highlighted the benefits of publishing in English and the importance of language accuracy, especially while submitting to international journals.

The interview with the Chief Doctor provided insight into how hospitals support and encourage doctors to take up research, the process of allotting government funds to hospitals for research, and how hospitals benefit through a published paper.

Overall, this seminar was quite valuable for educating doctors as well as collecting information helpful to other researchers.

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