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September 2016

Enago to Help Researchers Fine-Tune Submissions to the Global Fashion Conference

Authors in the field of global fashion are now one step closer to publication-ready abstracts and manuscripts

New York, USA:Enago, a trusted name in the STM industry for English editing and publication support, has teamed up with the Global Fashion Conference (GFC) to help researchers in the fields of fashion studies perfect their abstracts, papers, and presentations pre- and post-submission to GFC.

BothEnago and the GFC Committee understand how difficult it is to achieve success in today’s competitive academic environment. Through this partnership, authors can accessEnago’s world-renowned English copyediting services—at a discounted rate—to ensure that their content can stand up to scrutiny and adhere to conference guidelines with regard to both language and formatting.

The fifth international Global Fashion Conference will take place on 20th and 21st October at the University of Stockholm. Organized by Fast Forward Innovation (FFI) and the university’s Centre for Fashion Studies, it is designed to promote innovation through a meeting of the academic and business worlds. This year’s theme is “Tradition and Innovation: Challenges for Luxury and Fashion in the 21st century.”

“Enago knows that the current scientific landscape requires researchers to follow strict guidelines and requirements to ensure that their research is published by organizations such as GFC,” said Tony O’Rourke, who managesEnago’s Europe & North America strategic alliances. “Our skilled team of copyeditors offer their expertise in not only helping authors meet submission requirements but also in perfecting the language with appropriate technical inputs to ensure their documents meet the current publication standards of the industry.”

Isabel Cantista, founder and CEO of FFI and President of the Scientific Committee at GFC 2016, also shared her thoughts on the partnership. “In order to promote the advancement of knowledge, it is key to communicate in an effective way, being clear and precise. This new collaboration supports all GFC participants to achieve that. We are thrilled thatEnago has come on board to assist researchers and professionals from all over the world in sharing groundbreaking work.”


Enago is the flagship brand of Crimson Interactive Inc., an award-winning language solutions company that serves academia and industry through three main entities:Enago (English Editing and Publication Support), Ulatus (Translation), and Voxtab (Transcription).Enago employs one of the market’s largest teams of editors (850+) who are proven language and subject-matter experts in more than 1,100 disciplines. To date, the company’s talented pool of specialists has helped more than 81,000 authors share their research in the most impactful journals across the globe. Crimson has a local presence in Japan, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Korea, Brazil, Germany, Russia, India, and the United States.

About GFC

The Global Fashion Conference (GFC), held every other year at an international  university involved in fashion studies research, aims to bring together academia and business to stimulate innovation in the fashion industry. Attendees include both researchers from the academic world and progressive fashion-focused organizations and enterprises. By facilitating dialogue, GFC is able to raise the level of research excellence in this discipline.

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